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Playground Equipment

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Playground Equipment

Playground Equipment | KIPOGEORGIKI


Playground equipments include a variety of products intended for action and entertaining children through play. These include swings and saws, ladders and climbing nets, as well as full and well-equipped playgrounds, suitable for private or professional use, of course, with all the necessary certifications. Playground equipments can be installed in schools, kindergartens, camps, sports clubs, restaurants, etc. They are made from various materials and are offered at very low prices.



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Flexible Swing ..
26,50€ Ex Tax: 21,37€
  KBT Knot Cord for Playground Equipment 200cm   KBT Knot Cord for Playground E..
29,50€ Ex Tax: 23,79€
  KBT Metal Fireman’s Red Pole (H)200cm   KBT Metal Fireman’s Red..
124,00€ Ex Tax: 100,00€
  KBT Tent Nest Swing Kids Cocooned Seat Pink Yellow 103.7 x 110cm   KBT Tent N..
184,50€ Ex Tax: 148,79€
  KBT Tent Nest Swing Kids Cocooned Seat Turquoise Yellow 103.7 x 110cm   KBT T..
184,50€ 175,00€ Ex Tax: 141,13€
  Megaphone   Children's Megaphone Pink-Lime. The Megaphone can make 3 differ..
45,50€ Ex Tax: 36,69€
  Metallic Swing with Baby Seat 94x145x(H)120cm   Metallic Swing with Baby Seat..
97,00€ Ex Tax: 78,23€
Nest Swing 'Grandoh' 170 x 70 cm KBT -  Playground Equipment   Dimensions:&n..
154,50€ Ex Tax: 124,60€
  Nest Swing Oval 108cm ..
159,00€ Ex Tax: 128,23€
Nest Swing Round with Net   The nest swing round with net is offered for play and fun. Su..
116,26€ Ex Tax: 93,76€
  Nest Swing Swibee Ø98cm   Withstands weight up to 150kg ..
104,00€ Ex Tax: 83,87€
  Outdoor Nest Swing Ø97cm Polyethylene Black   Outdoor Nest Swing &Osla..
79,00€ Ex Tax: 63,71€
  Outdoor Nest Swing Ø98cm Canvas Polyethylene Blue-Black   Outdoor Nest..
89,00€ Ex Tax: 71,77€
  Nursery Bench Picnic    Dimensions: 51 (H) x 119 x 47 cm ..
129,00€ Ex Tax: 104,03€
  Pendulum Tyre Swing 62cm ..
54,50€ Ex Tax: 43,95€
  Periscope   The periscope has two built-in mirrors for a real experience. Inclu..
29,80€ Ex Tax: 24,03€