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The KIPOGEORGIKI e-shop is the continuation of the physical store, which is located on the 18th km of the New National Road of Athens - Corinth. The visitor will find plenty of garden and field products, suitable for amateur gardening and professional farming. These include machinery, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation and watering systems, pots, timber, construction materials, soil mixes and growing media. And of course huge variety in sizes and prices of indoor and outdoor plants, which can be shipped to the whole of Greece.


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Bamboo Spar - Pole   The Bamboo Spar - Pole is made by 100% natural bamboo and ..
Ex Tax: 0,00€
  CANTO Stone 30 High Lechuza Planter     Self-Watering   ..
72,00€ Ex Tax: 58,06€
  CANTO Stone 40 High Lechuza Planter     Self-Watering   ..
140,00€ Ex Tax: 112,90€
Olive Net 5x10m Duromesh 100gr/m² Hellagro   Olive Net 5x10m Duromesh 100g..
43,40€ Ex Tax: 35,00€
Olive Net 6x10m Duromesh 100gr/m² Hellagro   Olive Net 6x10m Duromesh 100g..
52,08€ Ex Tax: 42,00€
Olive Net 6x12m Duromesh 100gr/m² Hellagro   Olive Net 6x12m Duromesh 100g..
62,50€ Ex Tax: 50,40€
Olive Net 7x12m Duromesh 100gr/m² Hellagro   Olive Net 7x12m Duromesh 100g..
72,91€ Ex Tax: 58,80€
Olive Net 8x12m Duromesh 100gr/m² Hellagro   Olive Net 8x12m Duromesh 100g..
83,33€ Ex Tax: 67,20€
Olive Net 8x14m Duromesh 100gr/m² Hellagro   Olive Net 8x14m Duromesh 100g..
97,22€ Ex Tax: 78,40€
11,00€ Ex Tax: 8,87€
27,50€ Ex Tax: 22,18€
37,00€ Ex Tax: 29,84€
Ex Tax: 0,00€
32,40€ Ex Tax: 26,13€
3,30€ Ex Tax: 2,66€
20,80€ Ex Tax: 16,77€