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Semi-professional Sprayers

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Semi-professional Sprayers

Semi-Professional Sprayers | KIPOGEORGIKI


Semi-Professional Sprayers are presented in this section of the online store. They include a variety of functions, performance and efficiency spray tools to meet a multitude of needs respectively. These include surface paint sprayers, preservative oils and varnishes sprayers, as well as water jet and cleaning materials sprayers. Some of them have wheels for easier transport and placement in the spray areas, but also for easier storage. For each of these models are given the essential characteristics and their scope. All the presented Semi-Professional Sprayers come from well-known manufacturers in the industry, who guarantee both the high quality and the efficiency of their products, in relation to other similar ones in the market.


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  Spray & Paint 5lt for Oils & Glazes GLORIA   CAPACITY: 5 liters &nbs..
48,00€ 38,65€ Ex Tax: 34,20€