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Olive Sieves

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Olive Sieves



Olive sieves but and dry nuts with or without air for the professional grower and farmer or amateur grower, are presented in this section of the shop. Offered in a wide variety of types and reasonable prices.



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  Olive & Nuts Moving Sieve INTERPOWER   Olive & Nuts Moving Sieve INTE..
142,00€ Ex Tax: 125,66€
  Olive Defoliator Gasoline Four-Stroke Professional CAMPEON 3HP Turbine   Oliv..
498,00€ Ex Tax: 440,71€
  Olive Defoliator-Sieve Gasoline Four-Stroke Professional INTERPOWER 2.5HP   O..
429,00€ Ex Tax: 379,65€
  Olive-Nuts Moving Galvanized Sieve INTERPOWER   Olive-Nuts Moving Galvanized ..
125,00€ Ex Tax: 110,62€
  Olive-Nuts Sieve With 2 Compact Wheels Manually Operated INTERPOWER   Olive-N..
155,00€ Ex Tax: 137,17€
  Olive-Nuts Sieve With 2 Wheels Manually Operated INTERPOWER   Olive-Nuts Siev..
189,00€ Ex Tax: 167,26€
  Olives-Leaves Separator With Air SIK KYRIAKAKIS   Olives-Leaves Separator Wit..
284,00€ Ex Tax: 229,03€