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Hedge Trimmers

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Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmers | KIPOGEORGIKI


The Gasoline, Electric and Baterry Hedge Trimmers of varied characteristics and at particularly low prices are presented in this category of e-shop. Hedge Trimmers prune the plant fences easily, quickly and efficiently without injuring the plants that constitute borders, medium or large sized plant fences. In addition, they provide the ability to prune in shapes, such as a pyramid, a ball or a spiral, of any shrub or tree suitable for such horticultural work. Hedge Trimmers are of various performance and construction materials and are aimed both at the amateur and the professional, and are signed by two of the leading manufacturers of that kind of products, such as Bosch, Wolf-Garten and MTD. Bosch, Wolf-Garten and MTD, in addition to offering high quality products, also guarantee the constant supply of the necessary spare parts.



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  HT 40 eM E-MULTISTAR Battery Hedge Trimmer   Hedge Trimmer Machines   ..
110,00€ Ex Tax: 88,71€
Set 2in1 Trimmer Accu ContourCut   ..
90,00€ 60,00€ Ex Tax: 48,39€
  WOLF-Garten Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 50 E   Hedge Trimmer Machines WOLF..
95,00€ 88,35€ Ex Tax: 71,25€
  WOLF-Garten Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 60 E   Hedge Trimmer Machines WOLF..
95,00€ 86,44€ Ex Tax: 69,71€
 HEDGE SHEAR ELECTRIC MTD ΗΤ 51 Ε Basic Features : Lightweight Powerful Blade..
57,99€ Ex Tax: 46,77€
PETROL HEDGE SHEAR MTD GHT 55/28 Basic Features : Lightweight Powerful Blades made..
187,00€ Ex Tax: 150,81€