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Synthetic Turf

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Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf | KIPOGEORGIKI


Synthetic turf, turf glue, tacks for synthetic grass lawn, and tapes along with geotextiles and burlap are presented in this section of the online store. New generation synthetic turfs are an effective solution for covering surfaces and decorating private, sports and professional spaces. They do not require mowing or special care and are suitable for harsh and long lasting use. Synthetic lawn tapes, tacks and glues are the necessary materials to attach the synthetic lawn to the surface which will cover. All the presented products are of excellent quality and come from reputable manufacturers, while is given detailed information for each artificial grass product separately.



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Synthetic Turf  ECONOMY S 8mm Price: 7,2 € / m2 The synthetic turf ECONOMY S ha..
7,38€ Ex Tax: 5,95€
  Agora 35mm Artificial Lawn by Square Meter   Agora 35mm Artificial Lawn by Sq..
31,00€ Ex Tax: 25,00€
  Agora 35mm Roll 25x4m Artificial Lawn   Agora 35mm Roll 25x4m Artificial Lawn..
2.660,00€ Ex Tax: 2.145,16€
  Arctic Supreme 42mm Artificial Lawn by Square Meter   Arctic Supreme 42mm Art..
37,60€ Ex Tax: 30,32€
  Arctic Supreme 42mm Roll 25x4m Artificial Lawn   Arctic Supreme 42mm Roll 25x..
3.572,00€ Ex Tax: 2.880,65€
16,00€ Ex Tax: 12,90€
23,99€ Ex Tax: 19,35€
  Belvedere 36mm Artificial Lawn by Square Meter   Belvedere 36mm Artificial La..
27,80€ Ex Tax: 22,42€
  Belvedere 36mm Roll 25x4m Artificial Lawn   Belvedere 36mm Roll 25x4m Artific..
2.641,00€ Ex Tax: 2.129,84€
Synthetic Turf  ECONOMY 65 PP10mm     The synthetic turf ECONOMY 65 has the ..
6,18€ Ex Tax: 4,98€
  Euphoria 40mm Artificial Lawn by Square Meter   Euphoria 40mm Artificial Lawn..
33,60€ Ex Tax: 27,10€
  Euphoria 40mm Roll 25x4m Artificial Lawn   Euphoria 40mm Roll 25x4m Artificia..
3.192,00€ Ex Tax: 2.574,19€
Synthetic Turf  GREEN FRESH 25" PP25mm     The synthetic turf GREEN FRE..
13,30€ Ex Tax: 10,73€
Synthetic Turf  GREEN FRESH 35 PP35mm Price: 16 € / m2 The synthetic turf GREEN FRES..
16,10€ Ex Tax: 12,98€
31,45€ Ex Tax: 25,36€
49,30€ Ex Tax: 39,76€