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Beach - Garden Umbrellas

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Beach - Garden Umbrellas

Beach - Garden Umbrellas | KIPOGEORGIKI


Beach and garden umbrellas are an integral element of a haven in the Greek summer. Offering shade and dew they create micro-environments of protection and comfort, in the garden, the beach, the countryside. In this section of the e-shop, these summer travelers and city dwellers are presented with a variety of materials and designs. Featured products from acclaimed manufacturers, the recommended beach and garden umbrellas are suitable, matching the models with the intended use, both for residential and professional utilization. 



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  Aluminum Beach Garden Umbrella Ø200cm Ecru   Aluminum Beach Garden Umb..
42,00€ Ex Tax: 33,87€
Beach Umbrella Africa Economy with Thatch Ø200cm DIMENTIONS CROWN Ø200cm, TISSUE..
240,00€ Ex Tax: 193,55€
Beach Umbrella Africa Economy with Thatch Ø250cm DIMENTIONS CROWN Ø250cm, TISSUE..
355,00€ Ex Tax: 286,29€
Beach Umbrella Iviza with Palm Knitted Ø200cm DIMENTIONS CROWN Ø200cm, TISSUE &O..
167,00€ Ex Tax: 134,68€
Beach Umbrella Iviza with Palm Knitted Ø240cm DIMENTIONS CROWN Ø240cm, TISSUE &O..
261,00€ Ex Tax: 210,48€
164,50€ Ex Tax: 132,66€
  Beach Umbrella Ø230cm with Natural Reed   Beach Umbrella Ø230cm..
178,99€ Ex Tax: 144,35€
  Professional Aluminum Fabric Umbrella 3x3m Ecru   Professional Aluminum ..
243,99€ Ex Tax: 196,77€
  Professional Aluminum Fabric Umbrella Ø200cm. Ecru   Professional Alum..
115,30€ Ex Tax: 92,98€
  Hammering Stake Base 22mmX113cm Silver For Beach Umbrellas    Beach & ..
49,00€ Ex Tax: 39,52€
  Hammering Stake Base Slimline 22mmX113cm For Beach Umbrellas Golden Fleece 10102  ..
44,00€ Ex Tax: 35,48€
  Hammering Stake Base 30mmX113cm White/Green For Beach Umbrellas    Beach &..
55,00€ Ex Tax: 44,35€
  Hammering Stake Base 32mmX113cm White/Light Blue   Beach & Camping Equipm..
55,00€ Ex Tax: 44,35€
  Hammering Stake Base 22mmX113cm Yellow For Beach Umbrellas    Beach & ..
47,00€ Ex Tax: 37,90€
  African Thatch Reed Panel Umbrella - Roof 42(H)x80x2.5cm   The African T..
22,44€ Ex Tax: 18,10€
  African Thatch Reed Panel 42(H)x80x2.5cm Reinforced   The African Thatch Reed..
24,10€ Ex Tax: 19,44€