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Blowers / Vacuums Petrol, Electric, Battery

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Blowers / Vacuums Petrol, Electric, Battery

Blowers / Vacuums | KIPOGEORGIKI


In this category of e-shop are presented Blowers / Vacuums of various performance and at various prices. Blowers / Vacuums are a separate set of garden machines for a special job: cleaning the garden of organic materials - such as leaves and lawn mowing remnants. Depending on the energy source, they are distinguished in petrol, electric or battery. The petrol Blower / Vacuum is suitable for small and medium-sized gardens, absorbing and scattering the organic material. The electric does exactly the same absorption and shredding work for similar gardens. The battery blower arranges the leaves in small gardens. All machines are signed by the leading manufacturers of the product, Bosch and MTD, which - amongst others - guarantee the continuous supply of the necessary spare parts.


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  LBV 2600 E Electric Leaf Blower/Vacuum WOLF GARTEN 2600W   Garden Cleaning Mach..
105,00€ 99,73€ Ex Tax: 80,43€
 ELECTRIC BLOWER MTD BV 2500 E Basic Features : Strong torque electric motor Μo..
64,00€ Ex Tax: 51,61€
  MTD BV 3000 G Blowers / Εxhausters MTD ..
175,00€ Ex Tax: 141,13€
   MTD SC 4 Blowers / Εxhausters ..
260,00€ Ex Tax: 209,68€
 PETROL BLOWER MTD MT 32 BPB Basic Features : Powerful and environmentally friend..
308,00€ Ex Tax: 248,39€
 PETROL BLOWER MTD 202 Basic Features : Powerful Briggs & Stratton OHV ..
984,99€ Ex Tax: 794,35€
  Battery Blower 24 B Set Wolf Garten WR72LP24BS   Battery Blower 24 B Set Wolf..
339,00€ 308,47€ Ex Tax: 248,77€