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Beach - Garden Chairs

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Beach - Garden Chairs

Beach - Garden Chairs | KIPOGEORGIKI


Beach and garden chairs of various designs, materials, and prices are presented in this section of the online store. These include metal and wooden chairs and armchairs, beech chaise lounge chairs  as well as classic director beech solid enhanced polished armchairs. The offered products are of high quality and are suitable for both residential and professional use.



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Wooden Beech Chaise Lounge   The Wooden Beech Chaise Lounge is a practical, comfortable a..
91,00€ Ex Tax: 73,39€
Keruing Chair Folding 49x43x(H)96cm   The Wooden Keruing Chair Folding 49x..
58,50€ Ex Tax: 47,18€
Aluminum Armchair High Back 5 Positions Yellowish-Green Color DIMENSIONS: 61x62x(H)104cm ..
43,00€ Ex Tax: 34,68€
Aluminum Armchair High Back 5 Positions Μauve Color DIMENSIONS: 61x62x(H)104cm Practical,..
43,00€ Ex Tax: 34,68€
Aluminum Armchair High Back 5 Positions Gray Color DIMENSIONS: 61x62x(H)104cm Practi..
43,00€ Ex Tax: 34,68€
  Aluminum Beach Armchair with High Back 5 Position     DIMENSIONS:&nbs..
54,40€ Ex Tax: 43,87€
  Beach Chair  Aluminum Low Back Color Light Blue     DIMENSIONS:&..
43,00€ Ex Tax: 34,68€
Beach Chair without Armrests Orange 50x55x(H)72cm Practical, lightweight, comfortable foldin..
14,00€ Ex Tax: 11,29€
  Folding Camping Chair Reinforced 19mm     DIMENSIONS: 87x55x(H)9..
31,50€ Ex Tax: 25,40€
  Foldable Beach Armchair Textilene Striped Green Promo     DIMENSIONS:..
11,40€ Ex Tax: 9,19€
  Foldable Beach Armchair Textilene Striped Red Promo     DIMENSIO..
11,40€ Ex Tax: 9,19€
  Folding Garden-Beach-Sea Side-Deck Chair Blue     DIMENSIONS:&nb..
11,90€ Ex Tax: 9,60€
  Foldable Beach-Camping Chair Blue-Gray     DIMENSIONS: 56x60x78c..
38,50€ Ex Tax: 31,05€
  Folding Garden-Beach-Sea Side-Deck Chair Red     DIMENSIONS: 50x..
11,95€ Ex Tax: 9,64€
  Folding Garden-Beach-Sea Side-Deck Chair Green     DIMENSIONS:&n..
11,90€ Ex Tax: 9,60€
  Director Armchair Beech Dark Brown    Dimensions: 53 x 57.5 x (H)86cm..
62,00€ Ex Tax: 50,00€