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Garden Benches

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Garden Benches

Garden Benches | KIPOGEORGIKI

Garden benches are essentially functional and aesthetic elements of every season. They come to add and expand, not only in the garden but also in any other suitable outdoor space, the furnishing possibilities in their own form - at times graphic or modern. This category of the online store presents garden benches of various designs, materials and prices. The offered products are of high quality and suitable for both residential and professional use.



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Wooden Bench with Metal Legs 75x180cm   Wooden Bench with Metal Legs 75x180cm are ma..
269,00€ Ex Tax: 216,94€
198,00€ Ex Tax: 159,68€
Wooden Garden Bench Lux   Dimensions: 180 x 85cm   In a package ready to assem..
239,00€ Ex Tax: 192,74€
  Wooden Teak Bench 180cm   Wooden Teak Bench 180cm are made of solid teak w..
299,00€ Ex Tax: 241,13€