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Log Splitters

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Log Splitters

Log Splitters | KIPOGEORGIKI 


The wood and log splitters are suitable for the fast and efficient cutting of wood, logs as well as for the shredding of firewood. In this category of the online store are presented manual, gasoline-powered, electric splitters as well as tractor-mounted splitters and shredders, which have a variety of impact power. They are available in many models - vertical and horizontal - and prices covering a wide range of needs, addressed to both the professional, the farmer and the gardener. The supplied log splitters are offered by reliable and established manufacturers, who, among other things, guarantee the uninterrupted supply of original spare parts.


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  BLUE BIRD Circular Saw Bench 140mm on Stand-Electric Log Cutter   With the Guar..
395,00€ 375,00€ Ex Tax: 302,42€
  BLUE BIRD Circular Saw Bench 170mm on Stand-Electric Log Cutter   With the Guar..
645,00€ 612,00€ Ex Tax: 493,55€
  BLUE BIRD Circular Saw Bench 250mm on Stand-Electric Log Cutter   With the Guar..
995,00€ Ex Tax: 802,42€
GNU AMA Log Splitter 92300   GNU AMA Log Splitter 92300. Extremely strong and durabl..
488,00€ Ex Tax: 431,86€
  Interpower 10T Vertical Log Splitter 230V | Splitters   Interpower 10T Vertical..
859,00€ Ex Tax: 692,74€
  Interpower 15T Vertical Log Splitter 380V Three-Phase Electric   Interpower 15T..
1.235,00€ Ex Tax: 995,97€
  Interpower 8T Electric Vertical Wood Splitter 230 Volt   Interpower 8T Electric..
699,00€ Ex Tax: 563,71€
  Log Splitter Horizontal 15 Tons KINETIC SK-P15T   With the Guarantee of the Off..
990,00€ 896,00€ Ex Tax: 722,58€
  Log Splitter Horizontal 34 Tons KINETIC GL-34T   With the Guarantee of the Offi..
2.450,00€ Ex Tax: 1.975,81€
  Log Splitter Horizontal 7 Ton LSE 7000 Blue Bird Italy   The 7 Ton LSE 7000 ..
428,00€ Ex Tax: 345,16€
  Electric Log Splitter Horizontal 8 Tons KINETIC SK-E8T & Safety Cage   With..
795,00€ 707,00€ Ex Tax: 625,66€
  Reclining Log Splitter Interpower 15t Gasoline Engine   Reclining Log Splitter ..
1.359,00€ Ex Tax: 1.095,97€
  Log Splitter Tractor-Mounted LS PTO 30000 With Universal Joint Blue Bird   T..
3.440,00€ 3.268,00€ Ex Tax: 2.635,48€
  Log Splitter Vertical 11 Tons LSE 11000 Blue Bird Italy   The 11 Tons LSE 11..
1.290,00€ Ex Tax: 1.040,32€
  Log Splitter Vertical 8 Ton LSE 8000 Blue Bird Italy   The 7 Tons LSE 8000 l..
890,00€ 845,00€ Ex Tax: 681,45€
Splitter 6T Vertical AMA Italy 92301   Splitter 6T Vertical AMA Italy 92301. Extreme..
849,00€ Ex Tax: 751,33€