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Garden Decoration

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Garden Decoration

Garden Decoration | KIPOGEORGIKI


In garden decoration, will find a variety of tasteful products intended not only to cover the decorative aspects of small or large gardens, but also provide solutions to exploit their functional and other practical capabilities.



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  Wooden Planter Antique Cart 16x40x45cm   Dimensions:  16x40x45cm &nb..
73,33€ Ex Tax: 59,14€
  Millstone Ø120cm Antique Type   Diameter: 120 cm   Mills..
1.450,00€ Ex Tax: 1.169,35€
  Wooden Pallet Shelf   Wooden Pallet Shelf. The wooden pallet shelf can be ..
Ex Tax: 0,00€
  Staircase Wooden Shelf 4 Stairs   Dimensions: Length 41cm, Width 41cm, Hei..
37,80€ Ex Tax: 30,48€
  Tree Bark Shelf from Pine Wood   Tree Bark Shelf from Pine Wood. Shelf of pine ..
32,90€ Ex Tax: 26,53€
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  Wooden Squares & Rectangulars Boxes   Wooden decorative and practical boxes..
Ex Tax: 0,00€
Wooden shelf "House"   Dimensions: 118(Υ)x60x80cm     U..
45,90€ Ex Tax: 37,02€
Wooden Shelf "Ladder"   Dimensions: 120(Υ)x90x40cm     &n..
79,00€ Ex Tax: 63,71€
  Brochure Data Display Wicker Stand   Dimensions: Length 43cm, Width 38cm, ..
22,32€ Ex Tax: 18,00€
Raffle Baskets Set 3pcs 38x38x12cm   The Raffle Baskets in Set 3pcs are stylish and durab..
21,90€ Ex Tax: 17,66€
  Round Handmade Wicker Floor Pillow Sugar Color Ø66x8cm   Dimensions: ..
25,10€ Ex Tax: 20,24€
  Round Handmade Wicker Floor Pillow Beige Color Ø70x10cm   Dimensions: ..
58,80€ Ex Tax: 47,42€
  Round Handmade Thick Cane Wicker Log Basket Ø20/30x(H)28/36cm   Dimens..
10,25€ Ex Tax: 8,27€
  Round Handmade Thick Cane Wicker Log Basket Ø36/48x(H)44/52cm   Dimens..
15,75€ Ex Tax: 12,70€
  Handmade Wicker Vase SET 2PCS Ø34x70cm & Ø24x60cm     ..
71,00€ Ex Tax: 57,26€