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Grass Shears

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Grass Shears



The Grass Shears cover this category of the online store. This is a series of products which are the necessary complement to lawn mowers. The gardener or the hobbyist intervenes with the Lawn - Grass Shears, does not allow the growth of the plants of the lawn beyond clearly defined limits. Their regular use combined with the flexibility they provide, prevents the covering of flower beds or garden paths and corridors from the lawn covering, but at the same time they contribute to the performance of a final finish, which aesthetically upgrades the lawn. The tools presented here, of different specifications and various designs, come from reputable manufacturers (WOLF-Garten, Benman, etc.), who guarantee the high quality of the products in their category.


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LI-ION FINESSE POWER 30B BRUSH SHEARS   Cutting length:   150 mm Battery : &nb..
65,00€ Ex Tax: 52,42€
FINESSE 30 R LI-ION POWER LAWN SHEARS Details: Very good grip ergonomics Easy handling ..
65,00€ Ex Tax: 52,42€
LI-ION POWER FINESSE 50 SET Details: Practical “3-in-1” set including contour a..
115,00€ Ex Tax: 92,74€
  Manual Grass Shear Wolf Garten PROFFESIONAL Ri-GC   Dimensions: 39.2 x 14.8 x 1..
19,50€ Ex Tax: 17,26€
  Manual Grass Shear BENMAN 77048   Dimensions: Length 33 cm, Blade Length 11.5 c..
11,00€ Ex Tax: 8,87€
  Manual Grass Shear Wolf Garten CLASSIC RJ-ZL   Dimensions:  36.9 x 9.5 x 3..
25,00€ Ex Tax: 22,12€
  Manual Grass Shear Wolf Garten COMFORT PLUS Ri-LL   Dimensions: 39.2x15.4x..
30,00€ Ex Tax: 26,55€
  Manual Grass Shear Wolf Garten PROMOTION Ri-T   Dimensions: 15 x 13 x..
23,50€ Ex Tax: 20,80€