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Rechargeable Batteries Tools

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Rechargeable Batteries Tools

Rechargeable Battery Tools | KIPOGEORGIKI


Rechargeable Battery Tools are presented in this category of the online store. These tools offer the user great freedom of movement in the garden - as much as petrol engines. But they are less noisy than those, and leave a positive environmental footprint, as they do not pollute the atmosphere. All presented battery tools are produced by established manufacturers. Some of them even offer a whole, complete range of rechargeable battery tools for the garden and orchard, such as WOLF-Garten with the E-MULTISTAR series. Thus, the interested party can have in his possession a complete set, which will help him to carry out almost any type of plant maintenance and care work, as well as care for the garden and orchard areas.


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  BS 140 eM Battery Stick WOLF-Garten   Garden Maintenance Tools   ..
120,00€ Ex Tax: 96,77€
LI-ION FINESSE POWER 30B BRUSH SHEARS   Cutting length:   150 mm Battery : &nb..
90,00€ 85,50€ Ex Tax: 68,95€
FINESSE 30 R LI-ION POWER LAWN SHEARS Details: Very good grip ergonomics Easy handling ..
80,00€ 75,99€ Ex Tax: 61,28€
LI-ION POWER FINESSE 50 SET Details: Practical “3-in-1” set including contour a..
125,00€ 118,74€ Ex Tax: 95,76€
  Handle for Battery Stick HA eM E-MULTISTAR WOLF-Garten   Battery Chargers &n..
17,00€ Ex Tax: 13,71€
  HT 40 eM E-MULTISTAR Battery Hedge Trimmer   Hedge Trimmer Machines   ..
110,00€ Ex Tax: 88,71€
Set 2in1 Trimmer Accu ContourCut   ..
90,00€ 60,00€ Ex Tax: 48,39€
  Battery Grass Shear GS 10 eM E-MULTISTAR WOLF-Garten   Garden & Orchard&nbs..
60,00€ Ex Tax: 48,39€
  Battery Line Trimmer LT 25 eM E-MULTISTAR WOLF-Garten   Garden & Orchard&nb..
55,00€ Ex Tax: 44,35€
  Telescopic Battery Lopper TL 32 eM WOLF-Garten   Garden & Orchard Main..
150,00€ Ex Tax: 120,97€
  Telescopic Battery Pole Saw PS 20 eM WOLF-Garten   Garden & Orchard Ma..
135,00€ Ex Tax: 108,87€
Wolf Garten Power CSB 36 Chain Shaw   CSB 36 LI-ION POWER CHAIN SHAW   ..
315,00€ Ex Tax: 254,03€
  Replacement Battery 72V Li-High Energy Wolf Garten   Replacement Battery 72V ..
199,00€ 185,06€ Ex Tax: 149,24€
BATTERY LI-ION POWER PACK 6   Description: Battery :   18 volts / 3,0 Ah&nbs..
135,00€ Ex Tax: 108,87€
BATTERY LI-ION POWER PACK ABP 36-03   Description:     Power..
225,00€ Ex Tax: 181,45€
BATTERY LI-ION POWER PACK ABP 36-05   Description:     Power..
290,00€ Ex Tax: 233,87€