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Small Sprayers

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Small Sprayers

Small Sprayers | KHPOGEORGIKH


Small sprayers are presented in this category of the online store. They are distinguished for their ease of use and flexibility, as they can be used for the smallest but effective volume of liquid-containing spraying work in the garden, in the yard and on the terrace, on the balcony and at home. The Small Sprayers work in different ways and are distinguished, among other things, in the hand or pressure sprayers. They are offered in different designs, with different features each. All the presented sprayers belong to renowned producers (Gloria, Tukan, Benman), which guarantee the high quality of their products in relation to other similar ones in each category.


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  Hand Operated Fine Sprayer 1 lt Hobby 10 Flex GLORIA   CAPACITY: 1 liter &nb..
11,50€ Ex Tax: 9,27€
  Pressured Sprayer 1 lt Hobby 100 GLORIA   CAPACITY: 1 liter   Pres..
18,90€ Ex Tax: 15,24€
  Pressured Sprayer 1.25 lt Hobby 125 GLORIA   CAPACITY: 1.25 liter   ..
28,50€ Ex Tax: 22,98€
  Hand Hydraulic Pre-pressure Sprayer 2 lt BENMAN 77128   CAPACITY: 2 liters..
9,30€ Ex Tax: 7,50€
  Hand Sprayer 0.75 Lt BENMAN 77126   CAPACITY: 0.75 liters   Hand S..
2,30€ Ex Tax: 1,85€
  Hand Sprayer 1 lt BENMAN 77127   CAPACITY: 1 liter   Hand Spr..
2,40€ Ex Tax: 1,94€
  Hand Sprayer Tukan 1 lt GLORIA   CAPACITY: 1 liter   Hand Sprayer ..
3,00€ Ex Tax: 2,42€
  Pressure Hand Sprayer Tukan 1.5 lt GLORIA   CAPACITY: 1.5 liter   ..
7,90€ 7,69€ Ex Tax: 6,20€