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Hand Tools Without Grip

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Hand Tools Without Grip

Hand Tools Without Grip | KIPOGEORGIKI


Hand tools without a grip are presented in this category of the online store. Their use extends to a wide range of work involving the garden, orchard, vegetable garden, estate and urban green on the one hand, and on the other hand the house, urban or cottage, the office as well as other business premises. Among the hand tools without a grip are those intended for garden work, tree care tools and cleaning tools. Each presented tool comes from well-known and specialized manufacturers (Wolf Garten, Benman, etc.) that offer products of high standards and top quality.


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  Street Broom B 30 M - Cleaning Tools Wolf Garten   Width: 25 centimeters ..
19,00€ Ex Tax: 15,32€
  Angle Broom M MULTI-STAR® Wolf Garten Cleaning Tools    Working Width:..
21,00€ Ex Tax: 16,94€
  Gutter Cleaner GC-M MULTI-STAR Wolf Garten   Adjustable Work Angle Gutte..
45,00€ Ex Tax: 36,29€
  HB 350 M Indoor - Yard Broom MULTI-STAR®   Width: 35 centimeters HB ..
27,00€ Ex Tax: 21,77€
  LD-M Small Fan Rake Multi-Star WOLF-GARTEN   Width: 11.5 cm   LD-M..
8,00€ Ex Tax: 7,08€
  Rake COMBI Gardena 3177-20   Width: 30 centimeters   Rake COM..
13,70€ Ex Tax: 11,05€
  RC-M Anvil Tree Lopper Interlocken® Wolf Garten   Tree Cutting Tools ..
68,00€ Ex Tax: 60,18€
  RC-VM Professional Anvil Tree Lopper Multi-Change® Wolf Garten   Tree Cutti..
99,00€ Ex Tax: 87,61€
  RR-VM Professional Anvil Tree Lopper Multi-Change® Wolf Garten   Tree Cut..
99,00€ Ex Tax: 87,61€
  Snow Shovel SN-M 42 Multi-Star WOLF-GARTEN   Width: 42 centimeters Snow ..
22,69€ Ex Tax: 20,08€
  UC-M Adjustable Lawn Rake Multi-Star WOLF-GARTEN   Width: 36 - 58 centimeters ..
37,00€ Ex Tax: 32,74€
  UE-M Lawn Rake Multi-Star WOLF-GARTEN   Width: 50 centimeters   ..
32,00€ Ex Tax: 28,32€
  UH-M 60 Longspan Rake Multi-Star WOLF-GARTEN   Width: 35 cm   UH-M..
47,00€ Ex Tax: 41,59€
  UI-M Leaf Rake Multi-Star WOLF-GARTEN   Width: 42 centimeters   ..
13,00€ Ex Tax: 11,50€
  UI-M Leaf Rake & Ash Handle ZM 140 Set   Width: 42 centimeters &nbs..
23,00€ Ex Tax: 20,35€
  WB 40 M Winter Broom Multi-Star WOLF-GARTEN   Width: 40 centimeters WB 4..
21,50€ Ex Tax: 17,34€
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