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Picnic Tables

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Picnic Tables

Picnic Tables | KIPOGEORGIKI


Picnic tables and benches allow individuals, friends, families and / or friendly groups to sit 'informally' or even truly on vacation, on a practical and convenient furniture. Some of these are simple benches, while others are more complex, as they include a picnic table. They suit a multitude of different areas, such as - among other things - urban or holiday gardens, campsites and campings, courtyard rentals, as well as surrounding playing fields and other sports facilities. In this category of e-shop are presented picnic tables and benches  in a variety of designs and prices, the majority of which come from impregnated timber. All offered products are of high quality and are suitable for residential, semi-professional or professional use.


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Wooden Bench Victoria   Dimensions: 45(H) x 35 x 180cm     Ea..
219,00€ Ex Tax: 176,61€
    Wooden Outdoor Garden Picnic Table   Total Dimensions: 180 x ..
232,00€ Ex Tax: 187,10€
    Wooden Outdoor Garden Picnic Table 'Athina' 180x56cm   Total&..
279,00€ Ex Tax: 225,00€
    Round Wooden Outdoor Garden Picnic Table Bench 8 Seats   Diameter: ..
879,00€ Ex Tax: 708,87€
    Wooden Outdoor Garden Picnic Table 'Irida' 180x144cm   Total&..
199,00€ Ex Tax: 160,48€