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Tropical Materials

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Tropical Materials

Tropical Materials | KIPOGEORGIKI


Tropical materials such as thatch and cane tiles give a distinct natural note to any outdoor space and construction, utilizing in roofs, shades and as building materials. In this category of online store, are presented tropical materials of varying origin, sizes and prices. The offered tropical materials  include tiles, covers, ridge caps and top cones. Their materials are - among other things - african reeds, palm leaves, coconut macuti, allang-allang, and hazel rods. All products meet high quality standards and are suitable for both private and professional use.



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  African Thatch Reed Panel Umbrella - Roof 42(H)x80x2.5cm   The African T..
22,44€ Ex Tax: 18,10€
  African Thatch Reed Panel 42(H)x80x2.5cm Reinforced   The African Thatch Reed..
24,10€ Ex Tax: 19,44€
  African Thatch Reed Panel 80x80x2.5cm With Clips   The African Thatch Reed Pa..
28,30€ Ex Tax: 22,82€
African Thatch Reed Panel Angular Umbrella - Roof 42(H)x60x2.5cm   The African Thatc..
41,11€ Ex Tax: 33,15€
African Thatch Reed Top Cone Umbrella - Roof Ø 100cm   The African Thatch Ree..
89,00€ Ex Tax: 71,77€
African Thatch Reed Top Cone Umbrella - Roof Ø 80cm   The African Thatch Reed..
79,50€ Ex Tax: 64,11€
  Alang-Alang Roll Thatch 60/70(H)x500cm   The Alang-Alang Roll Thatch 60/70(H)..
36,50€ Ex Tax: 29,44€
Alang-Alang Roof Thatch 60/70x200cm   The Alang-Alang Roof Thatch 60/70x200cm is sui..
12,90€ Ex Tax: 10,40€
  CAPRI Umbrella Replacement Canopy D200cm   CAPRI Umbrella Replacement Canopy ..
60,00€ Ex Tax: 48,39€
  CAPRI Umbrella Replacement Canopy D250cm   CAPRI Umbrella Replacement Canopy ..
79,00€ Ex Tax: 63,71€
Makuti African Palm Thatch 50/60(H)x55cm   The Makuti African Palm Thatch 50/60..
1,91€ Ex Tax: 1,54€
  Makuti Shading Roll with Rope 50/60(H)x500cm   Makuti Shading Roll with Rope ..
34,00€ Ex Tax: 27,42€
Palm Leaf Parallelogram Cover 100/120x200cm    The Palm Leaf Parallelogram..
63,00€ Ex Tax: 50,81€
Palm Leaf Parallelogram Cover 100/120x300cm    The Palm Leaf Parallelogram..
73,00€ Ex Tax: 58,87€
  Pressed Cane Tiles 5cm with Wire 6-12mm / 150x200cm   The Pressed Cane Tiles 5c..
62,60€ Ex Tax: 50,48€
Pressed Cane Tiles 5cm with Wire 6-12mm / 100x200cm   The Pressed Cane Tiles 5cm with Wir..
33,50€ Ex Tax: 27,02€