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Swings - Hammocks

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Swings - Hammocks

Swings - Hammocks | KIPOGEORGIKI


Swings and hammocks in a variety of designs and for every use, residential, semi-professional and professional are presented in this category of the online store. Wooden swings, whether fixed or suspended, add to the garden, patio, backyard and appropriate indoor environment the element of play and rest. Hammocks based on or only with the cloth, refer to the calm and tranquility of the tropics. Classic items of decoration and comfort, swings and hammocks, contribute to and enhance the aesthetic and functional dimension of the spaces where they will be installed.



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Wooden Garden Swing   Dimensions:190(H) x 300 x 185cm      ..
435,00€ Ex Tax: 350,81€
Wooden Hammock Base Niobe 140x120x380cm   Wooden Hammock Base Niobe 140x120x380cm. Base f..
379,00€ Ex Tax: 305,65€
Niobe Hammock Spare Part Cloth   Dimensions: 95 x 225cm   Max Weight Capa..
115,00€ Ex Tax: 92,74€
Swing Seat - Ecru     An invigorating design comfortable wooden hanging chair sui..
829,99€ Ex Tax: 669,35€
Wooden Hammock Base K/D   Dimensions: 310x85x(Η)90cm   Max Weight Ca..
98,00€ Ex Tax: 79,03€
Wooden Hammock Base K/D 380x116x(Η)116cm   Wooden Hammock Base K/D 380x116x(Η)116cm. Base..
148,00€ Ex Tax: 119,35€
Cotton Thin Stripe Hammock Orange Colors   Dimensions: 100x200cm   M..
17,00€ Ex Tax: 13,71€
Double Globo Hanging Chair 175x120x60cm   This Double Globo Hanging Chair 175x120x60..
789,00€ Ex Tax: 636,29€
  Globo Wooden Hanging Chair 120x120x60cm   Globo Wooden Hanging Chair ..
549,00€ Ex Tax: 442,74€
  Single Mesh Hammock KALYPSO Fabric Green 2x1.1m   Single Mesh Hammock KALYPSO..
74,00€ Ex Tax: 59,68€
Hanging Chair-Swing 100x120cm   The Hanging Chair - Swing 100x120cm with striped blue-gre..
37,00€ Ex Tax: 29,84€
Wooden Garden Swing with Pillows & Tent 190x140x(H)190cm   The wooden Wooden Garden S..
341,00€ Ex Tax: 275,00€
Wooden Globo Stand for Hanging Chair 173x130x230cm   Wooden Globo Stand for Hanging Chair..
379,00€ Ex Tax: 305,65€
Wooden Hammock Base Calypso 128x104x355cm   Wooden Hammock Base Calypso 128x104x355cm. Ba..
329,00€ Ex Tax: 265,32€
Kalypso Hammock Spare Part Cloth   Dimensions: 110 x 200cm   Max Weight C..
109,00€ Ex Tax: 87,90€