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Battery Hedge Trimmers

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Battery Hedge Trimmers

Battery Hedge Trimmers | KIPOGEORGIKI


Battery hedge trimmers are the reliable alternative to cutting and trimming the fence and border plants and shrubs where there is no possibility of directly connecting the machines with electricity. And of course they can not be described as a born of desperation because they combine high technology, performance and productivity with the ecological approach to gardening. Providing complete freedom of movement, eliminating the risk of cutting cables and emitting zero pollutants, the battery powered hedge shears allow to keeping the shape of the hedges and border plants but also allow to keeping or form the desired shape of bushes and shrubs. Battery hedge trimmers are available at economical prices and manufactured by well-known companies in their field (WOLF-Garten, Bosch, etc.) which, among other things, guarantee the seamless supply of the necessary spare parts.
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135,00€ Ex Tax: 108,87€
  Hedgetrimmer Battery Set 18V 50cm GTC18502PC-QW   With the Guarantee of the Of..
144,00€ Ex Tax: 116,13€
  Hedgetrimmer Battery Set 18V GTC1845L20-QW   With the Guarantee of the Official..
106,00€ Ex Tax: 85,48€
  Cub Cadet 60V LH5 H60 Battery Hedge Trimmer 60cm Blade   With the Guarantee of ..
210,00€ Ex Tax: 169,35€
  HT 40 eM E-MULTISTAR Battery Hedge Trimmer   Hedge Trimmer Machines   ..
90,00€ Ex Tax: 72,58€
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263,00€ Ex Tax: 212,10€