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Aromatic & Medicinal Herb Commercial Seeds

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Aromatic & Medicinal Herb Commercial Seeds

Aromatic-Medicinal Herb Commercial Seeds | KIPOGEORGIKI


Aromatic & Medicinal Herb Commercial Seeds are presented in this category of the online store. With them, the growers' needs for high-quality seeds of the most interesting and efficient aromatic and medicinal plants are covered. And although relatively new, the commercial cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants is increasingly emerging as a dynamic sector of agriculture. All offered seeds come from established seed producers and from reliable importers. They are available in airtight packaging with a quality assurance guarantee and all packaging has an expiry date. The products are mainly aimed at professional farmers, but they are suitable both for amateur growers who are looking for professional seed quality and increased yields.


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  Caper Bush Packet 10g Seeds (Capparis spinosa)   Caper Bush Packet 10g Seeds ..
15,80€ Ex Tax: 13,98€
  Common Thyme Packet 10g Seeds (Thymus vulgaris)   Common Thyme Packet 10g See..
6,30€ Ex Tax: 5,58€
  Cumin Packet 10g Seeds (Cuminum cyminum)   Cumin Packet 10g Seeds (Cuminum cy..
5,80€ Ex Tax: 5,13€
  Marjoram Packet 10g Seeds (Origanum majorana)   Marjoram Packet 10g Seeds (Or..
4,90€ Ex Tax: 4,34€
  Purple Coneflower Packet 5g Seeds (Echinacea purpurea)   Purple Coneflower Pa..
8,80€ Ex Tax: 7,79€
  St. John's Wort Packet 10g Seeds (Hypericum perforatum)   St. John&#..
8,80€ Ex Tax: 7,79€
  Summer Savory Packet 5g Seeds (Satureja hortensis)   Summer Savory Packet 5g ..
6,80€ Ex Tax: 6,02€
  Valerian Packet 10g Seeds (Valeriana officinalis)   Valerian Packet 10g Seeds..
9,00€ Ex Tax: 7,96€