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Kids Playhouses

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Kids Playhouses

Kids Playhouses | KIPOGEORGIKI

Kids Playhouses suitable for home gardens and any related outdoor area of the city or country are listed in this category of online store. Depending on their specifications, size and material, the kindergarten houses will accommodate young children for years, offering them the opportunity for creative play that will fuel their imagination and stimulate their socialization.



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  Wooden Child House 155(H)x140x105cm   Wooden Child House 155(H)x140x105cm. Th..
449,00€ Ex Tax: 362,10€
  Wooden Playhouse ALADDIN 162(H)x180x120cm   Wooden Playhouse ALADDIN 162(H)x1..
849,00€ Ex Tax: 684,68€
  Wooden Playhouse ANIKA 228(H)x220x180cm   Wooden Playhouse ANIKA 228(H)x220x1..
1.490,00€ Ex Tax: 1.201,61€
  Wooden Playhouse TOBY 180x120cm   Wooden Playhouse TOBY 180x120cm. The Wooden..
990,00€ Ex Tax: 798,39€