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Electric & Petrol Scarifiers

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Electric & Petrol Scarifiers

Electric & Petrol Scarifiers | KIPOGEORGIKI

Varying features and performances of Electric & Petrol Scarifiers at particularly low prices are presented in this category of garden machinery.

Scarifier the lawn is a necessary work for the health and strength of the grass. During scarifier, the surface soil crust breaks and the soil is decompressed. In this way, porosity increases in the area of the lawn root, allowing for uninterrupted air circulation, resulting in the balanced presence of the soil aerial portion with the aquatic one. The balance between these two portions is extremely important because the aerial portion transfers oxygen to the rhizosphere while the aquatic portion transfers water and nutrients to the roots of the grass.
Electric & Petrol Scarifiers of the lawn makes this very necessary job, easily, quickly and efficiently.

• The offered Scarifiers of the category are signed by some of the leading manufacturers of these products, such as Bosch, Cub Cadet and MTD, which - amongst others - guarantee the continuous supply of the necessary attachments and spare parts.


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MTD Smart 30VE Electric Powered Scarifier ..
170,00€ 161,20€ Ex Tax: 130,00€
Scarifier MTD Optima 38 VO ..
550,00€ Ex Tax: 443,55€
MTD OPTIMA 37VE Electric Powered Scarifier ..
220,00€ Ex Tax: 177,42€
Scarifier MTD EXPERT UV 40 B   Details: Transport position Foldable handle Soft..
850,00€ 806,93€ Ex Tax: 650,75€
Scarifier XC1 B35 Cub Cadet The XC1 B35 Cub Cadet Petrol Scarifier is another essential machine..
620,00€ Ex Tax: 500,00€
Scarifier XC1 B40 Cub Cadet   The XC1 B35 Cub Cadet Petrol Scarifier, also belongs to t..
650,00€ Ex Tax: 524,19€