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Mini Hand Tools With Grip

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Mini Hand Tools With Grip

Mini Hand Tools With Grip | KIPOGEORGIKI


The Mini Hand Tools With Grip (Fixed Handle Hand Tools) are a wide range of small - mini - tools with great capabilities. They are comfortable, relaxing, and very efficient, while at the same time they are easy to handle, transport and store. They include, but are not limited to, shovels, rakes and small hoes, as well as plantations with diggers. All of these mini hand tools do a lot of gardening, in the home garden, in the small garden, in the pot and in the planter, are extremely economical and are offered by renowned tool manufacturers, such as Wolf Garten and Benman.



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  Hand Rake COMBI Gardena   Working Width: 8.5 centimeters   Han..
10,80€ Ex Tax: 8,71€
  LU-P Planting Trowel Wolf Garten   Width: 5 centimeters LU-P Planting Tr..
5,01€ Ex Tax: 4,44€
  Flower Trowel LU-Z Wolf Garten   Width: 8 centimeters Flower Trowel LU..
5,47€ Ex Tax: 4,84€
  Flower Trowel LU Wolf Garten   Width: 8 centimeters Flower Trowel LU Wol..
5,47€ Ex Tax: 4,84€
  Small Rake LJ-Z Wolf Garten   Width: 8.5 centimeters Small Rake LJ-Z Wol..
7,29€ Ex Tax: 6,45€
Star Tiller/Cultivator Head COMBI Gardena ..
22,70€ 15,89€ Ex Tax: 12,81€
  Hand Grubber KA-2K Wolf Garten   Width: 7 centimeters Hand Grubber KA-2K..
10,48€ Ex Tax: 9,27€
  Garden Joint Scraber KF-2K Wolf Garten   Length: 12.7  centimeters ..
9,57€ Ex Tax: 8,47€
  Weed Extractor KS-2K & Planting Knife with Fixed Handle Wolf Garten   Lengt..
9,57€ Ex Tax: 8,47€
  Small Fan Rake LD-2K with Fixed Handle Wolf Garten   Working Width: 11.5 centim..
10,48€ Ex Tax: 9,27€
  Planting Trowel LU-2P Wolf Garten   Width: 5 cm Planting Trowel LU-2P Wo..
9,11€ Ex Tax: 8,06€
  Flower Trowel LU-2K Wolf Garten   Width: 7 cm Flower Trowel LU-2K Wolf G..
10,94€ Ex Tax: 9,68€
  Double Hoe LN-2K Wolf Garten   Width: 7 centimeters Double Hoe LN-2K Wol..
15,04€ Ex Tax: 13,31€
  Flower Fork with Fixed Handle LU-2B Wolf Garten   Width: 7.5 centimeters ..
12,30€ Ex Tax: 10,89€
  Automatic Bulb Planter with Fixed Handle FH-N Wolf Garten   Diameter: 6 centi..
13,58€ 13,15€ Ex Tax: 11,64€
  Serrated Trowel Hand Garden Tool Benman   Length: 35.5 cm   Serrat..
8,70€ Ex Tax: 7,02€
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