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Garden Sheds

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Garden Sheds



Garden sheds meet the needs of storage and maintenance tools and machinery for gardens and any other items that need storage. The main characteristic of the wooden garden sheds presented here is their high resistance to time and their excellent adaptation to the Greek climatic conditions. Each wooden garden shed has its own constructive material wood of Scandinavian forests, and is delivered as a complete kit ready for assembly.



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  Garden Shed 120 x 120cm   Garden Shed 120 x 120cm. Wooden sheds in gardens ar..
499,00€ Ex Tax: 402,42€
  Garden Shed 180 x 135cm   Garden Shed 180 x 135cm. Wooden sheds in gardens ar..
769,00€ Ex Tax: 620,16€
  Garden Shed 180 x 180cm   Garden Shed 180 x 180cm. Wooden sheds in gardens ar..
819,00€ Ex Tax: 660,48€
  Garden Shed 196 x 246cm   Garden Shed 196 x 246cm. Wooden sheds in gardens ar..
1.490,00€ Ex Tax: 1.201,61€
  Garden Shed 225 x 225cm   Garden Shed 225 x 225cm. Wooden sheds in gardens ar..
1.099,00€ Ex Tax: 886,29€
  Garden Shed 246 x 246cm   Garden Shed 246 x 296cm. Wooden sheds in gardens ar..
1.590,00€ Ex Tax: 1.282,26€
  Garden Shed 246 x 296cm   Garden Shed 246 x 296cm. Wooden sheds in gardens ar..
2.490,00€ Ex Tax: 2.008,06€
  Garden Shed 296 x 296cm   Garden Shed 296 x 296cm. Wooden sheds in ..
1.950,00€ Ex Tax: 1.572,58€
  Kiosk Market 240 x 180cm   Kiosk Market 240 x 180cm. Drawing on the look, tha..
1.299,00€ Ex Tax: 1.047,58€
  Wooden Garden-Country Shed 300x240cm   Wooden Garden-Country Shed 300x240cm -..
1.590,00€ Ex Tax: 1.282,26€
  Wooden Garden-Country Shed 300x300cm   Wooden Garden-Country Shed 300x300cm -..
1.880,00€ Ex Tax: 1.516,13€