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Sprayers for Special Applications

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Sprayers for Special Applications

Sprayers for Special Applications | KHPOGEORGIKH


Sprayers for Special Applications are presented in this category of the online store. Due to the specialized design, the special materials of which they are composed, as well as the certifications that accompany them, these sprayers, which are referred to as foam sprayers, cleaning sprayers, food sprayers, as well as professional or/and industrial sprayers have a specific scope. They are of various types, performances and yields, while they are products from the largest manufacturers in the industry, which guarantee the high quality of the sprayers in relation to other similar ones on the market. For all the presented Sprayers for Special Applications, immediate and efficient service is provided as well as original spare parts of the producing companies.


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  Cleaning Sprayer 1.25lt CleanMaster CM 12 GLORIA   CAPACITY: 1.25 liters &nb..
37,90€ Ex Tax: 30,56€
  Cleaning Sprayer 1lt CleanMaster Extreme EX 100 GLORIA   CAPACITY: 1 liter &..
45,00€ Ex Tax: 36,29€
  Pressure Sprayer 5lt CleanMaster Performance PF 50 GLORIA   CAPACITY: 5 liters ..
105,00€ Ex Tax: 84,68€
  Cleaning Sprayer 1lt CleanMaster CM 10 GLORIA   CAPACITY: 1 liter  ..
16,90€ Ex Tax: 13,63€
  Foam Sprayer 1lt FoamyClean 100 GLORIA   CAPACITY: 1 liter   Foam ..
29,90€ Ex Tax: 24,11€
  Pressure Sprayer 5lt Profiline 405 TK GLORIA   CAPACITY: 5 liters   ..
300,00€ Ex Tax: 241,94€
  Spray & Paint 5lt for Oils & Glazes GLORIA   CAPACITY: 5 liters &nbs..
39,80€ Ex Tax: 32,10€
  Spray & Paint Compact 1.25lt GLORIA   CAPACITY: 1.25 liter   S..
31,40€ Ex Tax: 25,32€
  Spray & Paint Pro 5lt GLORIA   CAPACITY: 5 liters   Spray &..
52,80€ 50,16€ Ex Tax: 40,45€
  Foam Sprayer FoamMaster FM 50 5lt FM 50 GLORIA   CAPACITY: 5 liter   ..
130,00€ Ex Tax: 104,84€