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Log Houses

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Log Houses



Log houses are an extremely affordable and ecologically acceptable solution to housing in the countryside, but also in the city. The main features of the wooden houses presented here are their long-lasting durability and their excellent joints. These cozy and in many ways comfort log houses have as their construction material selected wood from the Scandinavian forests. Each wooden house is provided ready to be assembled into complete kits of one or more packages according to the dimensions that are selected.



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  Log House FAIDRA 350 x 300cm   Log House FAIDRA 350 x 300cm. The Faidra&..
3.390,00€ Ex Tax: 2.733,87€
  Log House Kalypso 323 x 370cm   Log House Kalypso 323 x 370cm. Log houses of ..
4.690,00€ Ex Tax: 3.782,26€
  Log House NEFELI 410 x 320cm with Floor - Lasita Maja   Log House N..
4.190,00€ Ex Tax: 3.379,03€
  Wooden Child House 155(H)x140x105cm   Wooden Child House 155(H)x140x105cm. Th..
449,00€ Ex Tax: 362,10€
  Wooden Playhouse ALADDIN 162(H)x180x120cm   Wooden Playhouse ALADDIN 162(H)x1..
849,00€ Ex Tax: 684,68€
  Wooden Playhouse ANIKA 228(H)x220x180cm   Wooden Playhouse ANIKA 228(H)x220x1..
1.490,00€ 1.415,00€ Ex Tax: 1.141,13€
  Wooden Playhouse TOBY 180x120cm   Wooden Playhouse TOBY 180x120cm. The Wooden..
990,00€ Ex Tax: 798,39€
  Wooden Dog House 60 x 90cm   The Wooden Dog House 60 x 90cm, that has been b..
129,00€ Ex Tax: 104,03€
  Wooden Dog House 90 x 120cm   The Wooden Dog House 90 x 120cm, that has been ..
199,00€ Ex Tax: 160,48€