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Commercial Playgrounds

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Commercial Playgrounds

Commercial Playgrounds | KIPOGEORGIKI
Commercial playgrounds, towers & swings are featured in this section of the online store. Together with other imaginative and modern constructions they offer safe and creative play for young children and require the minimum maintenance. All commercial sets or playground equipment in this category can be fitted and provided for use as long as they meet the most stringent specifications and are equipped with the corresponding quality certificates. They are utilized in any convenient public space, such as kindergartens, schools, restaurants, hotels, sports venues, camping and children's camps, and other similar commercial establishments. Each or all of this category's commercial product for playground equipment comes from acclaimed international manufacturers (Hy-land, KBT, etc.) specializing in the production of these unique children's entertainment and action products.



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  Project 1 Commercial Wooden Playground   Certified for commercial use and compac..
2.072,00€ Ex Tax: 1.670,97€
  Project 2 Commercial Wooden Playground   Budget-friendly children's climbing..
2.613,00€ Ex Tax: 2.107,26€
  Project 3 Commercial Wooden Playground   Outside play equipment for children, co..
3.615,00€ Ex Tax: 2.915,32€
  Project 3S Commercial Wooden Playground   Compact outdoor play commercial climbi..
5.039,00€ Ex Tax: 4.063,71€
  Q2S Commercial Wooden Playground & Swing Module   Hy-land Q-Series outdoor c..
5.874,00€ Ex Tax: 4.737,10€
  White Rhino BUGGY Commercial Wooden Playground    The White Rhino BUGGY pla..
975,00€ Ex Tax: 786,29€
  White Rhino RIDGE Swing for Commercial Playground   The White Rhino RIDGE Swing..
1.405,00€ Ex Tax: 1.133,06€
  White Rhino SAFARI Commercial Playground Tower & Slide    The White Rh..
2.466,00€ Ex Tax: 1.988,71€
  White Rhino SAIL Balance Beams with Rope    The White Rhino SAIL Bala..
489,00€ Ex Tax: 394,35€
  White Rhino SURF SHACK Wooden Keeper with Slide   The White Rhino SURF SHACK Wo..
2.166,00€ Ex Tax: 1.746,77€
  White Rhino 60 cm ‘Bronco’ Commercial Slide - Light Green   White R..
600,00€ Ex Tax: 483,87€
  Half-Bucket Swing Seat Basic KBT   Dimensions: 45 x 31.5 x 23 cm   ..
222,00€ Ex Tax: 179,03€
  Rubber Swing Seat 45x18cm Commercial (Without Chain)   Dimensions: 45..
42,00€ Ex Tax: 33,87€
  Chain Set 200cm for Commercial Use   Chain Set 200cm for Commercial Use. The ch..
49,00€ Ex Tax: 39,52€
  Chain Set 250cm for Commercial Use   Chain Set 250cm for Commercial Use. The ch..
54,00€ Ex Tax: 43,55€