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Non-chemical Weeds Removing Tools

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Non-chemical Weeds Removing Tools

Non-chemical Weeds Removing Tools | KIPOGEORGIKI


Non-chemical Weeds Removing Tools are presented in this category of the online store. They include both simple and classic weed cutting tools, such as patio and hand weed removers, and highly sophisticated tools, such as the Wolf Garten weed eradicators and garden weeeders, that do not require painful crouching many times. Along with these Non-chemical Weeds Removing Tools, Gloria's innovative Thermoflamm Bio series are introduced, which, using heat, in the form of a flame-burner or hot air, to destroy any weeds in the garden or field, with modern and ergonomic models adapted to any private or professional requirement, and in any space, small or large.


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  Thermoflamm Bio Electro   Weight: 1.8 Kg   Thermal Weed Destroyer ..
63,00€ 58,59€ Ex Tax: 47,25€
  Thermoflamm Bio Professional   Weight: 1.55 Kg   Thermal Weed Destro..
66,00€ 60,00€ Ex Tax: 48,39€
  Thermoflamm Bio Professional   Weight: 3.8 Kg   Electric Tillers ..
100,24€ Ex Tax: 88,71€
  Garden Weeder IW-A Wolf Garten - Hand Tool   Dimensions: Length 150, Width..
72,90€ Ex Tax: 64,52€
  Garden Weeder iW-F Wolf Garten - Hand Tool   Dimensions: Length 107 centim..
27,34€ Ex Tax: 24,19€
  Patio Weeder COMBI GARDENA 8928   Patio Weeder COMBI GARDENA 8928. The GARDEN..
12,90€ Ex Tax: 10,40€
  Thermoflamm Gas Bottle GLORIA G728303.0000   Thermoflamm Gas Bottle GLORIA G7..
8,50€ Ex Tax: 6,85€
  Thermoflamm Pressure Reducer GLORIA G000182.5000   Thermoflamm Pressure Reduc..
24,50€ Ex Tax: 19,76€