ZM-V4 Vario Handle MULTI-STAR Wolf Garten W71AED013

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Vario Handles ZM-V4 MULTI-STAR Wolf Garten W71AED013
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ZM-V4 Vario Handle MULTI-STAR Wolf Garten


Length: 220 - 400 centimeters

ZM-V4 Vario Handle MULTI-STAR Wolf Garten W71AED013. Practical, powerful and easy to use, it is suitable for all the tools of the Wolf-Garten Multi-Star® series, for the care of trees without stairs. The Telescopic ZM-V4 Vario Handle, which is made of high quality aluminum, is comfortable to hold and adapts very easily to the required working length, having optimal length adjustment using pre-defined holes. It is also suitable for pool care and cleaning tools.


ZM-V4 Vario Handle MULTI-STAR


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The ZM-V4 Vario Handle MULTI-STAR:


ZM-V4 Vario Handle MULTI-STAR


  • It is compatible with the Multi-Star® system

  • As a detachable handle it alternates with any other corresponding tool for sweeping, rubbing and cleaning - not only in the garden

  • Attaches to the right tool very easily


ZM-V4 Vario Handle MULTI-STAR



The MULTI-STAR Tool System & the Back:



The MULTI-STAR Tool System & the Back


Most people have a problem with their back. This serves as a reminder of how important it is to have the right attitude when carrying out garden or orchard work. The Multi-Star® tool system, offering a wide range of handles and poles of different lengths, helps the gardener user stay upright and relaxed while working in the garden. This is also helped by the tillage tools, which are oriented towards a special precision working angle, so that one can work in the garden with less effort and with stable performance.




The MULTI-STAR Tools Series


Η Σειρά Εργαλείων MULTI-STAR

The MULTI-STAR® tools series by Wolf-Garten has been designed with the convenience and comfort of the professional or amateur gardener in mind. Includes 14 handles, rods and poles of different lengths (for the user to choose the ones that fit or adjust to his height) and over 80 tool heads and attachments, able to cover every need of garden or tree care. By selecting the handle suitable for her/him, the user can adjust on it, with a simple literally "Click" any tool head, depending on the required job. And once he has completed it, she/he can release the tool again with a simple "Click", and use a different head instead. All tools and handles of the MULTI-STAR® series from Wolf-Garten are of the highest quality, are given with a guarantee, up to 35 years for some of them, are provided with a full range of spare parts, and combine pleasant work with efficiency. But more information, both for the tool ZM-V4 Vario Handle, and for the Multi-Star® series, can be obtained by visiting the official website of WOLF-Garten.


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