Fruit Picker RG-M Multi-Star WOLF-GARTEN W71ACA008

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RG-M Fruit Picker Multi-Star WOLF-GARTEN W71ACA008
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Fruit Picker RG-M Multi-Star WOLF-GARTEN 


Tree Fruit Pickers

Fruit Picker RG-M Multi-Star WOLF-GARTEN W71ACA008. Orchard tool of the Multi-Star® series from the German company WOLF-Garten. The RG-M fruit pickers are suitable for picking different types of fruits, such as apples, pears, nuts (peach, apricot, etc.) as well as citrus fruits (lemon, oranges). Having an adjustable collector angle and connected to a handle, they reach even the most inaccessible parts of the crown of fruit trees, while their careful design allows the fruit to be picked without injuring the fruits or trees. For the Fruit Picker RG-M recommended handles are ZM-V3 και ZM-V4.


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The Fruit Picker RG-M MULTI-STAR Wolf Garten:


Fruit Picker RG-M MULTI-STAR on Tree


  • It is compatible with the Multi-Star® system

  • As a detachable head, it can be replaced with any other tree care tool

  • It attaches to the right handle very easily

  • It is suitable for collecting fruits up to 13 cm in diameter

  • It has an invisible fruit cutting blade and a flexible, rounded crown

  • It has an adjustable working angle of up to 180 degrees for efficient work in difficult areas of trees

  • It has a washable cotton collection bag​ 

Wolf-Garten Multi Star Klik


The Tree Hand Tools with WOLF-Garten's Multi-Star® System


Wolf Garten Εργαλεία Φροντίδας Δέντρων


WOLF-Garten's Multi-Star® system provides a complete package of tree planting tools that cover the full range of fruit utilization and care work as well as ornamental trees in the garden and urban greenery. By clicking on the Multi-Star® handles, various tree arboriculture tools - such as scissors, pruners, saws and fruit collectors - make the job easier, safer and faster. With WOLF-Garten's Multi-Star® system, tree tools are handled from the ground, freeing the user from working at height with the help of the ladder. But more information, both for the RC-VM Anvil Tree Lopper tool and for the Multi-Star® series, can be obtained by visiting the official WOLF-Garten.


The Fruit Picker RG-M in Action



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