Cascade Wooden Tower 90cm - with Swing

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Cascade Wooden Tower 90cm - with Swing |
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 Cascade Wooden Tower 90cm - with Swing 


The Cascade Wooden Tower 90cm - with Swing gives one or more of the many possibilities for playing  to any small or large children company. It has an excellent look, capable of enchanting the imagination of little friends and many options of accessories, capable of triggering the combined fantasy of the big ones.

It has two connecting platforms and a ramp, which makes it easily accessible for all ages while its low platform, 90 cm high, is specifically designed for children aged 3-6 years.

The Cascade Wooden Tower 90cm - with Swing is accompanied by accessories boxes that offer the ability to build a tower platform (sliding point) at either 1.20 m or 1.50 m.





  • Bleu Rabbit wooden towers are made entirely of Finnish Preasure Treated Timber of high quality and maximum durability.
  • At the price of the towers are included the slides, with the possibility of color selection.
  • To ensure the greatest degree of quality and safety, all playground constructions have inspected, tested and certified by TUV Nord. Available all necessary certificates.







Ready for Game !!!




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