Belvedere Tower - Slide Height 150 cm & Swing Module

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Belvedere Tower - Slide Height 150 cm & Swing Module  |
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Belvedere Tower - Slide Height 150 cm & Swing Module 


The Bleu Rabbit Belvedere Wooden Tower with Slide Height 150 cm & Swing Module is an excellent construction that will give the companions of childs the opportunity for endless and creative play and to their parents the excitement. It is a sloping structure that, in addition to its distinctive appearance, offers the advantage of the complete large climbing wall on the side. In addition, placing in front of the entrance staircase and the exit platform makes it easy to install it in small-sized gardens.

The Bleu Rabbit Belvedere Wooden tower is additionally easily expandable with the various other accessories that accompany this range of toy construction, designed for every children - regardless of age!






  • Bleu Rabbit wooden towers are made entirely of Finnish Preasure Treated Timber of high quality and maximum durability.
  • At the price of the towers are included the slides, with the possibility of color selection.
  • To ensure the greatest degree of quality and safety, all playground constructions have inspected, tested and certified by TUV Nord. Available all necessary certificates.







Ready for Game !!!




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