BA-M Grubber Multi-Star WOLF-Garten W71AAA002

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BA-M Grubbers Multi-Star WOLF-Garten W71AAA002
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Product Code: W71AAA002
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BA-M Grubber Multi-Star WOLF-Garten W71AAA002


Width: 9 centimeters


BA-M Grubber Multi-Star WOLF-Garten W71AAA002. Small garden tool of the Multi-Star® series from the German company WOLF-Garten. Suitable for the thorough lightening of hard and dry soils, in order to improve the soil conditions for the better supply of plants with nutrients. The BA-M Grubber is particularly durable, as it is covered with a triple coating. Recommended handle: ZM 140.


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The WOLF-Garten Multi-Star® System


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The WOLF-Garten Multi-Star® system incorporates an extremely flexible range of high quality and efficient garden tools. Each individual tool in the series is connected to a single "Click" with handles near, far or extending, as well as with a number of auxiliary attachments. The handles of the series are made of lightweight aluminum, solid and hard wood, as well as high-strength reinforced plastic. Attached tools with handles can be used in a variety of different tasks related to the garden, and urban or holiday home. From simple outdoor cleaning work, as well as ponds, to arboriculture and soil treatment, all can be done to perfection, using the tools, handles and accessories Multi-Star®. And with the quality guarantee from the German company WOLF-Garten, the series of these multi-tools, comes to cover for many years every aspect of the project that concerns the care of the garden and every outdoor area of ​​the house. But more information, both for the BA-M Grubber tool and for the Multi-Star® series, can be obtained by visiting the official WOLF-Garten website.

Multi-Star WOLF-GARTEN Garden Tools
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