Swiss Istor 3 Duplex Sharpener

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Swiss Istor 3 Duplex Sharpener | Kipogeorgiki
Views: 48625 Brand: Swiss Istor
Product Code: SWIS-3
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Swiss Istor 3 Duplex Sharpener


Swiss Istor 3 Duplex Sharpener. Grind and sharpen all damaged blades. Ideal for use in the garden, on the farm and in the workshop. Especially for the maintenance of garden shears, secateurs, scythes, sickles and bigger garden tools.




Swiss Istor 3 Duplex Sharpener - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION



The Swiss Istor Sharpeners:

  • Are easy to use
  • No need pressure 
  • Forms no burr on the blade
  • Make cutting edges to reamin sharper for longer
  • Can be used by both right and left handed people


Swiss Istor 3 Duplex Sharpener - IN ACTION


Tools & Tool Storage
Category Agricultural & Garden Tools
Type Sharpeners
Product Swiss Istor 3 Duplex Sharpener
Material Carbide & aluminum alloy. Diamond coated hardened steel
Tool-Kits-Storage Dimensions Length: 19 centimeters
Tool-Kit-Storage Product Weight 94 grams
Brand Swiss Istor
Origin Switzerland
Uses Sharpeners Swiss Istor 3 Duplex are suitable for professional use of grinding knives, scissors, pruners, etc.
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