Ecopots Rotterdam Wheels 50x50x(H)48cm Square Flower Pot

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Ecopots Rotterdam Wheels 50x50x(H)48cm | Planters
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Ecopots Rotterdam Wheels 50x50x(H)48cm Square Flower Pot


Ecopots Rotterdam Wheels 50x50x(H)48cm Square Flower Pot. The Ecopots' Rotterdam series includes pots of high aesthetics and particularly high durability. Made of unbreakable recycled plastic, they are offered for long-term use and decoration of both indoor and outdoor urban or cottages, offices and business premises. The recycled Ecopots Rotterdam Wheels 50x50x(H)48cm is transported comfortably thanks to the wheels with which it is equipped. Available in 4 colors, Grey, White Grey, Dark Grey and Taupe.

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Dimensions: Height 48cm, Length - Width 50cm

Capacity: 76,3lt




The Colors of the Rotterdam Wheels 50x50x(H)48cm:



Planters Roterdam Wheels Color GrayPlanters Roterdam Wheels Color White Grey

Planters Roterdam Wheels Color Dark GreyPlanters Roterdam Wheels Color Taupe

(From Top and Left)

Grey, White Grey, Dark Grey and Taupe



The Rotterdam Pots Series from Ecopots:


Key Features of Rotterdam Pots with Wheels

  • Made from recycled plastic, which accounts for up to 80% as a raw material

  • Have excellent aesthetic and functional design

  • Have very successful color shades, which do not compete with the plants, but highlight them, creating beautiful sets

  • Have colors that do not lose their intensity and strength regardless of exposure

  • Are produced for maximum strength and durability

  • Do not affected by frost and can withstand UV radiation

  • In technical terms it is remarkable that do not have seams, but made one piece

  • At the end of the manufacturing process, they have a handmade finish, which gives an attractive appearance and a unique warm natural sensation


Planted Pot Roterdam Wheels GreyPlanted Pot Roterdam Wheels White Grey

Planted Pot Roterdam Wheels Dark GreyPlanted Pot Roterdam Wheels Taupe



The Outstanding Functional Features of Rotterdam Planters:


  • Compared to other pots of the same size, they are lightweight and easily removable

  • Potting and transplantation is not difficult as they are designed without rims


Grey Rotterdam With Wheels Pot PlantedWhite Grey Rotterdam With Wheels Pot Planted
Dark Grey Rotterdam With Wheels Pot PlantedTaupe Rotterdam With Wheels Pot Planted




What the Ecopots Rotterdam Pot & Planters Series Includes


The ECOPOTS Rotterdam series features an extensive and complete collection of synthetic pots and planters. It consists of the Rotterdam, Rotterdam High, Rotterdam Mid-High, Rotterdam Wheels and their respective saucers, and is available in a variety of sizes and colors. Each model of the series is made of reinforced recycling plastic with stone powder, an ecological method that makes the pots extremely durable, having a lifespan of much more than ten years, and completely environmentally friendly. Each pot in the series is suitable for the garden, the yard and the balcony as well as for the inside of the house or in the business space. But more information about the pots of the Roterdam series, or for the Rotterdam Wheels 50x50x(H)48cm Square Flower Pot as well as about the other products of the company, will be found by the interested party on the official website of Ecopots.



Various Models Presentation of Ecopots Pots & Planters


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