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Working Overalls

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Working Overalls

Working Overalls | KIPOGEORGIKI


Working Overalls in full body or with straps are presented in this category of the online store. They are intended for employees and workers in various productive sectors, such as industry, construction, machine shops and workshops, forestry and agriculture. They can also be worn by individuals, who are interested in comfortable and at the same time safe work clothes. Working Overalls are offered in a variety of designs and colors, while they are made on the basis of strict specifications and standards, which contribute to the safety of employees in their workplaces. Full body or with straps, all Overalls are garments that come from reputable and specialized manufacturers in personal protective equipment (Payper, Cofra, Atlantis), which guarantee, among other things, the high quality of their products compared to other counterparts on the market. In each presented clothing, there is a table for finding and matching the sizes with two simple measurements, so that the interested party can choose the Working Overall, according to his body type.


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29,50€ Ex Tax: 23,79€
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22,50€ Ex Tax: 18,15€
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78,00€ Ex Tax: 62,90€
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45,00€ Ex Tax: 36,29€
  Overall PROMOTECH PAYPER Navy Blue/Royal Blue   Overall PROMOT..
45,00€ Ex Tax: 36,29€
  Overall PROMOTECH PAYPER Royal Blue/Navy Blue   Overall PROMOTECH P..
45,00€ Ex Tax: 36,29€
  Overall PROMOTECH PAYPER Steel Grey/Red   Overall PROMOTECH PA..
45,00€ Ex Tax: 36,29€
  Weather Coverall with Reinforced Pockets 0710 ATLANTIS   Weather Coveral..
25,00€ Ex Tax: 20,16€