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Protection Glasses & Goggles

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Protection Glasses & Goggles

Protection Glasses & Goggles | KIPOGEORGIKI


Protection glasses & goggles are presented in this section of the online store. These are optical vision protection products that meet the established standards for the protection of the eyes of those who perform tasks expose them to danger. The presented products include among others professional oxygen glasses, safety glasses and goggles, anti-glare glasses, etc. All rotection glasses & goggles presented here come from leading manufacturers (Univet, etc.), who guarantee the high quality of their products.


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  Safety Goggles Yellow Spectacles UNIVET 553Z.01.01.03 Zeronoise    Safet..
4,25€ Ex Tax: 3,43€
  Safety Goggles Transparent Spectacles UNIVET Zeronoise 553Z.01.00.00   Safety G..
4,00€ Ex Tax: 3,23€
  Protection Glasses Mask UNIVET 619.02.01.00   Protection Glasses Mask UNIVET 61..
11,00€ Ex Tax: 8,87€
  Welding Goggles Spectacles UNIVET Black 566.00.00.50   Welding Goggles Specta..
6,00€ Ex Tax: 4,84€
  Welding Goggles Spectacles UNIVET Transparent 566.00.00.00   Welding Goggles ..
4,80€ Ex Tax: 3,87€