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Garden Machinery



In this category of e-shop are presented all types of electric and gasoline machines that needs for gardening, for small or large lawns, vegetable gardens, fields, orchards and professional or amateur greenhouses.


In particular, Electric Lawn Mowers for small and medium-sized gardens (from 10 m2 to 500 m2), Gasoline Lawn Mowers that have the ability to trim enough acres a day easily and resiliently, Lawn Tractors suitable for comfortable and efficient work on large lawns (soccer fields, golf, big squares, hotels, etc.), branch and folding cutting tools such as Electric and  Gasoline Hedge Trimmers for trimming garden trim, low or tall plant or to create or maintain various desirable shapes in plants (balls, pyramids, sparrows, etc.). For mowing lawn edges and cleaning small or larger areas of weeds and wild greens, Gasoline and Electric Grass Trimmers & Brushcutters are also available for gardeners, professional gardeners, companies, and for individuals with large spaces.


In order to cut branches, trees and also for cutting wood for the fireplace, there are presented Electric and Gasoline Chainsaws with small blade for the pruning of the small and medium growth of fruit trees, ornamental or forest trees, but also with a large blade for cutting and cutting especially large trees. Shredders and Organic Residue Shredders are used to cut branches, shoots and stems, whose use helps to reduce the volume of organic deposits of the garden or orchard, as well as composting. Together with powerful Blowers and Εxhausters are a complete solution for grooming and ecological management of small or large spaces.


Finally, small and large light or heavier electric and gazoline-powered Tillers are available for professional and amateur operators.


• All machines and tools come from selected and acclaimed manufacturers and are offered at very low prices.



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  BLACK & DECKER 550W 30cm BESTA530-QS String Trimmer   With the Guarantee of..
75,00€ Ex Tax: 60,48€
  BLACK & DECKER 550W 30cm BESTE630-QS String Trimmer   With the Guarantee of..
73,00€ Ex Tax: 58,87€
  Black & Decker 550W Electric Hedge Trimmer 60cm   With the Guarantee of the..
98,00€ Ex Tax: 79,03€
  Black & Decker 650W Electric Hedge Trimmer 60cm   With the Guarantee of the..
107,00€ Ex Tax: 86,29€
  Black & Decker BEBLV260 2600W Blower-Vacuum-Shredder Electric   With the Gu..
78,00€ Ex Tax: 62,90€
  Black & Decker BEBLV290 2900W Blower-Vacuum-Shredder Electric   With the Gu..
98,00€ Ex Tax: 79,03€
  Black & Decker CS1835-QS Electric Pruner 1800W Blade 35cm   Garden Cleaning..
92,00€ Ex Tax: 74,19€
  Black & Decker CS2245-QS Electric Pruner 2200W Blade 45cm   Garden Cleaning..
117,00€ Ex Tax: 94,35€
  BLACK & DECKER GKC1820L20-QW Battery Chainsaw 18V 2.0Ah Set   Garden Cleani..
134,00€ Ex Tax: 108,06€
  BLACK & DECKER GKC1820L20-QW Telescopic Battery Chainsaw 18V 2.0Ah Set   Ga..
145,00€ Ex Tax: 116,94€
  BLACK & DECKER GKC1825L20-QW Battery Chainsaw 18V 2.0Ah Set   Garden Cleani..
145,00€ Ex Tax: 116,94€
  Black & Decker GW3031BP 3000W Leaf Blower-Garden Vacuum-Shredder Electric   ..
152,00€ Ex Tax: 122,58€
  Power Command Leaf Blower 18V 2.0Ah Set 1820PC-QW   Garden Cleaning Machines ..
98,00€ Ex Tax: 79,03€
  BLUE BIRD 310-SHL 1200 15Hp Chipper Bio-Shredder   With the Guarantee of the Of..
4.230,00€ Ex Tax: 3.743,36€
  BLUE BIRD BLV281 Two-stroke Leaf Blower-Vacuum   With the Guarantee of the Offi..
245,00€ Ex Tax: 197,58€
  BLUE BIRD Circular Saw Bench 140mm on Stand-Electric Log Cutter   With the Guar..
395,00€ Ex Tax: 318,55€