Kikuyu Lawn Grass (Cenchrus clandestinus) 0,5Kg Seeds - VILMORIN Turf Grass Seeds

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Kikuyu Lawn Grass (Cenchrus clandestinus) 0,5Kg Seeds - VILMORIN
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Kikuyu Lawn Grass (Cenchrus clandestinus) 0,5Kg Seeds


Turf Grass Seed

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Kikuyu Lawn Grass (Cenchrus clandestinus) 0,5Kg Seeds - VILMORIN Turf Grass Seeds. High quality seeds in a mixture for creating turf from the renowned French seed company VILMORIN. The Tropical Lawn Grass consists of 100% seeds of the warm-season species Cenchrus clandestine (syn. Pennisetum clandestinum). The Kikuyu grass, as it is commonly known, is used in hot areas with high summer temperatures requiring minimal irrigation. Thanks to the rhizomes it develops, it is able to quickly cover the area in which it has been sown. It creates a good-looking and dense turf which remains green as long as temperatures do not drop below 8-10 °C. If something like this happens, it goes through the phase of dormancy where it turns yellow, to get the green color again in the coming spring. It is suitable for sowing and installation in any private, public or professional space of similar specifications (such as in gardens, stadiums, sports facilities, hotels), and especially in areas where available water for irrigation is scarce. The tropical Kikuyu Lawn Grass Seeds are offered in a box of 500 grams. The 500 grams of the package covers an area of approximately 50 to 75 square meters.

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