WOLF-Garten Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 60 E

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Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 60 E WOLF-Garten
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WOLF-Garten Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 60 E


Hedge Trimmer Machines

WOLF-Garten Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 60 E. The HS 60 E electric hedge trimmers are produced by the leading manufacturer of garden tools and machines WOLF-Garten. HS 60 E trimmers are suitable for cutting vegetable fences in urban or holiday homes, as well as for the care of green spaces of private or professional character in general. The Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 60 E is fast and productive, trimming plant hedges without damaging the plants they are made of.

► For the long-term operation of the machine, it is recommended to prune only or mainly green shoots and twigs.


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The Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 60 E by Wolf Garten:


Μπορντουροψάλιδο Ηλεκτρικό HS 60 E Διαστάσεις

  • Features a new blade design for efficient, direct, and accurate cutting
  • It has an electric motor which, having SSO W, provides the trimmer with the necessary power to be functional and productive
  • As a well-designed power tool it does not require complicated maintenance
  • It has a double blade 60 cm long that ensures a distance between the teeth up to 24 mm
  • It is suitable for cutting shoots and branches up to 20 mm thick
  • With a well-calculated distance between the blades, it greatly reduces the fall of the cutting pieces, facilitating the subsequent work
  • Available with practical blade cover, for protection during transport and storage

Ψαλίδι Μπορντούρας Ρεύματος HS 60 E Wolf Garten

WOLF-Garten Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 60 E

Machinery Category Hedge Trimmers
Type of Machinery Electrical Hedge Trimmers
Product WOLF-Garten Electric Hedge Trimmer HS 60 E
Engine Type WOLF-Garten
Power 550 W
AC Voltage 220 V
Cutting Diameter 20 mm
Dimensions of Machinery LxWxH: 105x16x18 cm
Additional 1. Gear Shifting: Steel gear, 2. Cutting Blade Length: 60 cm, 3. Blade Movement: Dual blade in opposite directions, 4. Flail /blade Type: Steel, 5. Clutch: Yes, 6. Grip: Rubber-coated soft grip, 7. Hedge Trimmer Blade Guard: Yes, 8. Blade Spacing 24 mm, 9. Quick Blade Stop < 0,2 sec,10. Acoustic Level: 101 dB(A).
Machinery Package Dimensions LxWxH: 113x16x19 cm
Machinery Weight 3.2 Kg
Machinery Packaging Weight 4.4 Kg
Brand WOLF-Garten
Country China
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