HUNTER Pro Spray Body 3" - PROS-03 Pop-Up Fixed Sprinkler

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HUNTER Pro Spray Body 3" - PROS-03 Pop-Up | Sprinklers
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HUNTER Pro Spray Body 3" - PROS-03 Pop-Up Fixed Sprinkler


Without Nozzle


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HUNTER Pro Spray Body 3" - PROS-03 Pop-Up Fixed Sprinkler. The sprinklers of Hunter Pro Spray Series are manufactured by the renowned American company Hunter, specialized in the production of garden and landscape irrigation products. They include five basic static models, PROS-02, with 5cm (2'') pop-up height, PROS-03, with 7.5cm (3'') pop-up height, PROS-04, with 10cm (4'') pop-up height, the PROS-06, with a 15cm (6'') pop-up height, and the PROS-12, with a 30cm (12'') pop-up height. These are fixed spray-type sprinklers precisely designed to ensure long-lasting and high performance in both domestic and professional applications. They feature unmatched durable construction, an efficient and specialized body cap design that prevents water from leaking out even if for some reason it comes loose, and a reliable, easily adjustable two-piece ratchet. Pro-Spray pop-ups accept Hunter Pro and MP Rotator® series adjustable and fixed arc wetting nozzles, and are compatible with all industry standard female threaded nozzle on the market, offering maximum flexibility to the designer or installer of an automatic or non irrigation system for gardens and landscapes. All Hunter Pro Spray Series sprinkler models - and the HUNTER Pro Spray Body 3" - PROS-03 Pop-Up Fixed Sprinkler - are suitable for meeting the irrigation needs of areas where turf have been established or perennials and shrubs have been planted.



► Available nozzles: Hunter Pro

All HUNTER products are fully supported with original spare parts (Guarantee of the Official Greek Dealer)


Hunter Logo


Hunter PRO-SPRAY™ Sprinklers



General Characteristics of HUNTER Pro Spray



Chemical Resistant Co-Molded Wiper Seal


Chemical Resistant Co-Molded Wiper Seal

The robust wiper seal is co-molded product of two types of specially processed materials, which show great resistance to chemicals, chlorine and UV radiation. This wiper seal provides multiple functions, since as it is activated by pressure it reduces the flow of water, it works at low pressures and allows the installation of more sprinklers in the same zone. Its innovative design prevents debris from entering the seal when the riser is retracted, reducing riser stick-ups.



Powerful Spay Body


Powerful Spay Body

The Pro-Spray range incorporates a heavy-duty ribbed body and durable cap designed to withstand the harshest environments, including the stresses of foot traffic and the passage of heavy machinery. In addition, the inlet thread design provides excellent grip strength in cap-to-body gripping capacity helping the head to withstand high inlet surge pressures.




Optional Check Valve (Up to 3 m Elevation)


Optional Check Valve (Up to 3 m Elevation)

Optional check valves eliminates drainage at heads installed on slopes, protecting landscapes from damage and erosion while reducing water waste  when the system is shut off. This saves water, reduces liability, and increases system life.





Heavy-Duty Spring


Heavy-Duty Spring

The strongest retraction spring for positive retraction under any condition.







I-90 Reclaimed Water ID (Optional)


I-90 Reclaimed Water ID (Optional)

Purple logo caps indicate the use of non-potable irrigation. They are available as a replacement part.






HUNTER Pro Spray Body 3" - PROS-03 Pop-Up Fixed Sprinkler




The HUNTER Pro Spray Body 3" sprinkler, available without a nozzle, is designed to efficiently irrigate lawns and shrubbery areas with as few sprinklers as possible. It maintains a reliable watering rate offering efficient irrigation, while it can accept all nozzles with a female thread that meet the respective standards, adapting to the coverage requirements. The HUNTER Pro Spray Body 3" has a body cover that does not leak at high pressure, the nozzles are easily adjusted from the top, and the nozzles - when not belonging to HUNTER - are recommended to be color coded.


Hunter PROS-03



HUNTER Pro Spray Body 3"


Technical Data


Hunter Logo Irrigation Innovators


Type Fixed
Nozzle No
Recommended Nozzle Hunter Pro & MP Rotator®
Recommended Operating Pressure Range 1 - 5 Bar (100-500 kPa)
Maximum Operating Pressure 5 Bar (500 kPa)
Recommended Operating Pressure 2.1 Bar
Inlet ½” (13 mm) Female-Threaded
Pop-up Height 7.5 cm
Overall Height 12.5 cm
Exposed Diameter 5.7 cm
Warranty 5 Years



Hunter Pro Spray Installation Guide

Hunter Pro Spray Installation Guide



HUNTER Pro Spray Series


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