Green Glass Beads 1kg (1-3mm) for Garden & Indoor Decoration

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Glass Green Beads 1kg (1-3mm)-Garden-Indoor Decoration
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Green Glass Beads 1kg (1-3mm)





1 kg


Glass Green Beads 1kg (1-3mm) for Garden & Indoor Decoration. The glass Green bead is suitable for the decoration of exteriors as well as interiors. It is used in gardening and landscape architecture, both in modern and traditional constructions. Glass beads are made in many sizes, shapes and colors. Regarding their origin, the main component of glass is silica, lime and soda or potash. Different metals such as iron (blue and green), manganese (black) and gold (pinks, reds and purples) are added to the basic ingredients to create colors. Colors become opaque with the addition of calcium or tin.



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