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Artichoke Cardoon 'Giant' Seeds (Cynara cardunculus 'Giant') 


The wild artichoke is extremely popular in Italy and France where it is widely consumed as it is considered a delicious delicacy. Both the creamy stems of leaves that are cut as the celery to cook as well as the young headstones are eaten. Giant especially produces large flower heads and thick stems with grooves. It is harvested from the beginning of autumn until the end of winter. Beyond its known uses it is also suitable for making pickles. Available in a 8g packet.




   The cultivation of wild taste giant artichoke


   In late winter or in the northern regions in early spring, sowing takes place in a protected seedbed with the temperature of the soil substrate in the range 21-260C. As soon as the young seedlings acquire 2-4 actual leaves are transplanted into larger pots and after 2-3 days they are placed outdoors for 10 days at a desired temperature of 7-100C to both harden and on the other hand existing this vernalization process to produce flower heads from the first year. At the end of this space, they are transplanted to the final positions.
   Artichoke fertilization begins before the plantation is planted in the field, incorporating 3-5kg per square chopped manure or compost, along with the addition of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. When installing the seedlings, the first of three doses of nitrogen is superficially delivered, after one month  the second, while the third is done in the autumn.
   Green Globe artichoke is irrigated every 5-10 days throughout the growing season and in quantities depending on the type of soil and climatic conditions.
   Cutting heads is done when they reach full growth, unless they are to be eaten fresh, so they are cut off as solid, closed and tender. For the stems, if desired the bleaching and tasting of improvement must be cover with cardboard or similar opaque material 20-30 days before harvest. 
   The flower of the Giant, as well as all types of wild cardoons, attracts bees and butterflies.



   Short crop information

  Sowing in seedbeds: DEC-FEBSowing in seedbeds: FEB-MAR Sowing outdoors: APR-JUNSowing outdoors: MAR-APR
  Thinning out - Bedding out: FEB-MARThinning out - Bedding out: MAR-JUN Harvesting: JUN-AUGHarvesting: SEP-FEB





FAMILY: Asteraceae

GENUS: Cynara 

SPECIES: cardunculus 





VARIETY: Perennial, planting in sunny positions, soil fertile and deep, cool but well-drained, withstands salinity.

PLANT: Robust, height 1,5-2m and diameter 0.6- 0,7m.

FRUIT: Conical, with spines, medium to large sized, glaucous-green color.


HARVEST: 140-180 days after planting.

PLANTING DISTANCE: On lines 0,75-1m and 0,70-1m between the lines.

PLANTING DEPTH: 2-3 times the greater seed diameter.

PROPAGATION: With seeds from the produced fruits. 




PACKAGING: Envelope 8g, aluminum, airtight, with quality assurance and expiration date.

SEED / GRΑΜ: 25.



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