Cub Cadet LT1 NR92 Lawn Tractor Force Series

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Cub Cadet LT1 NR92 Lawn Tractors Force Series
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Cub Cadet LT1 NS96 Lawn Tractor Force Series


Cub Cadet LT1 NR92 Lawn Tractor Force Series. The mower mini tractor LT1 NR92 is one of the best of its kind, with exemplary flexibility in mowing the lawn, and with a flawless haircut, which really gives the lawn the image of a green carpet. Providing the operator with comfort and ease of mower control, it makes the mini Cub Cadet lawn tractor from the Force Series extremely productive and efficient, with the ability to mow lawns up to 3.5 stremmas per hour of operation.


Cub Cadet Logo


Tractor Force Series


Essential Features of the Cub Cadet LT1 NR92



Engine of Tractor LT1 NR92


The Powerful Engine

Highly efficient engine, created by Cub Cadet, offers the necessary power for the productive work of the lawn tractor.




Dashboard of Tractor LT1 NR92


Functional Dashboard

The gear levers and all the steering instruments of the lawn tractor are located on the functional dashboard, giving the operator the possibility of complete control, immediately.




Dashboard of Tractor LT1 NR92


Comfortable Seat

Comfortable seat that has a low back, while providing the ability to adjust the position, according to the preferences of the driver.




Dashboard of Tractor LT1 NR92


Easy to Use Steering Wheel

Functional and easy-to-use three-spoke steering wheel, standard on all Cub Cadet lawn tractor models, with an extremely convenient grip for comfortable driving.




Cutting Height Adjustment of Tractor LT1 NR92


Cutting Height Adjustment

The cutting height adjustment, which ranges between 30 and 95 mm, is made with great ease, thanks to the convenient 5-position lever, located on the right side of the seat.





Front Axle of Tractor LT1 NR92


Steel Front Axle

The front steel shaft manages and maintains contact with the ground for all four wheels of the mowing tractor, regardless of the terrain.




Frame of Tractor LT1 NR92


Steel Frame

All the frames of the lawn tractor are made of fully welded and powder coated rugged steel, and are fully welded to the chassis.





Transmatic Transmission of Tractor LT1 NR92


Transmatic Transmission

With the Transmatic technique for the transmission of the drive, it is possible to change the speed of the tractor as it moves, through the semi-automatic 6-speed gearbox. The operator presets a speed position, and then uses only the accelerator pedal to control it.



Practical Alternative by Trakter LT1 NR92

Practical Alternative in Meadows and Orchards

Toolless side discharge function, where the user has complete control of the mowing, adapting the mower parameters to his preferences, which are combined with the integrated mowing technologies, ensuring high working comfort, extremely simple operation, and beneficial result.



Start Trakter LT1 NR92

Safe and Fast Start

The power to start the tractor is provided by a lithium-ion battery, which, thanks to an external charger, is ready for operation in a few minutes. Once the lithium-ion battery is charged and installed, the engine starts by simply turning the key. The battery, which does not require additional acid filling, has a very long life and long-term high performance.


Hood Trakter LT1 NR92


Pivoting One - Piece Hood

For the convenience of the user, the entire motor hood is removed immediately in a minimum of time, without resorting to tools - revealing the internal parts.






Introducing the Cub Cadet LT1 NR92 Lawn Tractor





The Tractor and the Driver


The Cub Cadet LT1 NR92 lawn tractor is a sturdy machine designed to withstand time and hard work. Following the highest standards, it has a steel frame fully welded to the chassis, and a front axle also made of steel. It has great flexibility, as its turning radius is only 46 cm - the narrowest in its class compared to other tractors of different manufacturers. Provision has been made for the operator to work in the best possible conditions. The ergonomically designed seat has a low back and offers the possibility of screw adjusting the position, for greater comfort and convenience. The lawn tractor can also work in dim light conditions or at night thanks to the headlights with which it is equipped.





The Lawn Mower Machine & Transmatic Transmission


The mini tractor is powered by a powerful 439 cm³ engine - created by the same company, Cub Cadet. It is an extremely efficient engine with a cast iron cylinder, crankshaft bearing, and a special high-pressure oil lubrication system. The transmission of the movement is done with the Transmatic system. Thanks to this it is possible to change the speed when the tractor is in motion. To do this, first select the driving direction, and then adjust the desired basic speed with the shift lever located on the dashboard, while releasing the brake pedal. By applying smoothly pressure to the pedal the lawn tractor slows down, and stops completely, immobilizing, when the pedal is pressed all the way down. If the brake pedal is released, then the tractor automatically resumes at its preset speed.




The Cutting System


The Cub Cadet LT1 NR92 garden tractor is a twin-bladed side discharge lawn mower. The cutting deck of the machine allows the lawn to be cut in a range of 92 cm wide and at five different heights adjustable with a lever. The cut lawn is left as lawn fertilization a very tidy finish, or can (optionally) be taken to the 200 liter bag.


Cub Cadet Logo 2


Cub Cadet Lawn Mowers In Action



Machinery, Tractors & Lawn Mowers
Machinery-Machine Type Garden Tractors
Propulsion Type Self-Propelled
Name Cub Cadet LT1 NR92
Engine Cub Cadet
Engine Model OHV
Displacement 439 cm³
Rated Power Output 7.8kW / 2800min-1
Engine Cylinders Single
Engine Lubrication Type Fully pressurized automotive-style oil pump with spin-on oil filter
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.8 liters
Start Method Electric Key Starter
Transmission Transmatic
Battery 12V heavy-duty 275 cold crank amp
Battery Charger Optional Accessory
Speeds 6 forward, 1 reverse, shift-on-the-go
Steering Comfort steering wheel
Steering Wheel Control Comfort grip
Cruise Control No
Turning Circle 46cm
Wheels Front 15" x 6", rear 18" x 9.5"
Construction Materials Front Axle: Steel
Productivity 3500m²/h
Cutting System 3 in 1 option
Blades 2
Blade Engagement Manual lever control
Cutting Width 92 centimeters
Minimum Cutting Height 30mm
Maximum Cutting Height 95mm
Cutting Height Adjustment 5 positions
Mow In Reverse No
Recommended Lawn Area >2500m²
Basket / Bag 240 liter Bag
Mulch Plug Optional accessory
Deflector Standard
Anti-Scalp Deck Wheels 2
Deck Wash Nozzle Optional
Headlights Standard
Seat Low back, screw adjustment
Safety Features Neutral start, operator presence, brake pedal lock
Tool Box No
12V Socket No
Sound and Noise Data LpA /LwA/LwAg (dB): 88 / 98 / 100
Vibration Level Data (m/s²) Vibration value body (K-factor): 1/0.5m/s². Vibration value hand-arm (K-factor): 5/1.5m/s².
Machinery Dimensions Dimensions (L/W/H): 225 / 99 / 103 cm
Machinery Weight 195 kilograms
Brand Cub Cadet
Country of Manufacture USA
Warranty 3 year domestic / 1 year professional (subject to annual service)
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