Bobi's d' Alenga Green Bean Seeds 40g Packet (Phaseolus vulgaris 'Bobi's d' Alenga') - Bush Beans Seed

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Bobi's d' Alenga Green Bean Seeds 40g Packet (Phaseolus vulgaris 'Bobi's d' Alenga') - Bush Beans Seed
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Bobis d'Albenga Bicolor Green Bean Seeds 40g Packet


Bobis d'Albenga Bicolor Green Bean Seeds 40g Packet (Phaseolus vulgaris 'Bobis d'Albenga'-syn. Phaseolus vulgaris 'Boby d'Albenga'). The Bobis d'Albenga variety of dwarf beans originates from Italy. It has good resistance to Bean Common Mosaic Virus (BCMV) and good heat tolerance. It is a fairly productive and early bean, with particularly tasty beans even if the pods are not harvested from the plants in time. The pods are dark green in colour with variegated violet-purple spots, long (13-16 cm) and flat (Ø 1,1 cm), stringless, containing between 6 and 7 bean seeds. The beans have a cream-coloured fruit with brown spots. The dwarf bicoloured Bobis d'Albenga variety is available in a 40g packet.






Green Bean Seeds Bobis d'Albenga - BASIC FEATURES






Cultivar/Variety Early
Pod Color Dark Green
Bean Color Black
Sowing Period (Greece) April - July
Harvest June - November
Maturity 56 days
Seeds per Gram 1-5
Duration of Seed Germination 2-3 years



Green Bean Seeds Bobis d'Albenga - SOWING & CULTIVATION



Σπορά & Καλλιέργεια



General Sowing Instructions


  • If it is not used a high-quality ready-made potting mix but the garden soil, then it is sifted so that it is light and free from lumps

  • The soil is then placed evenly and uniformly in the seedling bed/positions and lightly pressed by hand

  • After watering with a small amount of water and in the form of droplets, using a watering pot with small holes, the planting follows

  • Having several seeds in one palm, with the other hand they are planted one by one, leaving some distance between them, depending on the species and according to the instructions written on the packet

  • Seeds are generally planted to a depth of 2 times their longest dimension, then covered with a thin layer of soil

  • Finally, the sowing surface is lightly pressed with the fingers






Brief Information on Growing Beans



Seeding Depth 2-5 cm
Spacing between Rows 50-60 cm
Spacing on the Row 5-10 cm
Seed Germination in Days 7-9
Indicative Growth Temperature 15-25 °C
Planting Amount per Square Meter 7-30 g
Yield per Square Meter 3-20 kg









  • The seeds are not genetically modified (Non-GMO/Non-Genetically Modified Organisms).

  • This is a simple seed variety. You can keep seeds from the plants and sow them.

  • The packaging is made with a quality assurance guarantee and all packaging has an expiry date.

  • The airtight aluminum foil vegetable seed packet guarantees the germination of your seeds.

  • Crop information is indicative. There may be possible deviations from the above information.


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