Bamboo Cane Roll 250(H)x300cm Ø14-20mm

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Bamboo Cane Rolls 250(H)x300cm Ø14-20mm
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Bamboo Cane Roll 250(H)x300cm



DIMENSIONS: Height 250cm, Length 300cm




Bamboo Cane Roll 250(H)x300cm Ø14-20mm. The Bamboo Cane with penetrated wire is made of high quality bamboo canes. Available in a practical roll consisting of bamboo canes with a diameter of 1.4-2 cm, which are tied together every 10 cm with galvanized wire, for more durability. Bamboo canes are used to cover, shade or isolate any private or professional space with the help of natural, organic material. Among other things, they can be used in a number of different constructions, such as kiosks, beach umbrellas, showers, locker rooms, etc. or even to build a fence. As fences, they isolate and protect plants in gardens or vegetable gardens from pets, or demarcate special areas in urban or holiday homes. Also, an additional feature of these bamboo canes is that they can be painted.


► Prices do not include painting.



Properties of Bamboo Cane Roll 250(H)x300cm


Bamboo Cane Roll 100(H)x300cm Ø14-20mm



  • They are offered for long-term use

  • They have great resistance to the special climatic conditions of Greece

  • They may have tears and cracks due to temperature and humidity fluctuations, which is a normal phenomenon that does not affect the integrity of the canes

  • They are made of 100% natural bamboo canes

  • Because they are trees in their natural state, the diameter of the canes at the top is slightly smaller than the diameter of the base

  • They have a phytosanitary certificate

  • They have been inspected or tested in accordance with the prescribed and appropriate procedures

  • They can be used for both fencing and shading


Bamboo Cane Roll 100(H)x300cm Ø14-20mm in the Garden 




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