Toro 570-Z 4P XF Fixed Water Spray & X-Flow Shutoff Device - Without Nozzle

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Toro 570-Z 4P XF Fixed Water Spray & X-Flow Shutoff Device
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Toro 570-Z 4P XF Fixed Water Spray & X-Flow Shutoff Device


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Toro 570-Z 4P XF Fixed Water Spray & X-Flow Shutoff Device - Without Nozzle Pop-Up Sprinkler. The 570-Z 4P XF irrigation sprays belong to the 570Z Series of underground sprinklers, which are manufactured by the world leader and pioneer in irrigation products, the American company TORO. They present a significant number of now classic features that make these sprinklers workable, versatile and reliable. The sprinklers in the series include seven different pop-up version fixed spray sprinkler bodies. They have, among other things, an effective low-pressure sealing arrangement allows to wash only in the return phase of the turret. Also, they accept a large number of fixed or adjustable arc nozzles. It is precisely this possibility that they provide for interchangeable nozzles that offers almost unlimited adaptation to the irrigation requirements of a given space, when studying, designing and installing automatic or non irrigation systems. The Toro 570-Z 4P XF Fixed Water Spray with X-Flow Shutoff Device is a sprinkler of such specifications, which has been manufactured to irrigate small to medium-sized lawn surfaces but also to provide solutions for the most complex design creations of gardens and landscapes.


The Toro 570-Z 4P sprays are available without a nozzle

Optional Toro 570CV Check Valve Installation

All TORO products are fully supported with original spare parts (Guarantee of the Official Greek Dealer)


Toro Logo


Toro 570Z & 570S Fixed Water Sprays



General Characteristics of Toro 570Z



Enhanced Zero Flush Seal


Enhanced Zero Flush Seal

No water wasted at system start up which is a critical time when water waste can occur. The Toro 570Z Series spray head’s wiper seal is pressure-activated and prevents flow-by at start up, meaning no water is wasted and more heads can be installed on the same line.





Wide Selection of Types & Models of Nozzles


Wide Selection of Types & Models of Nozzles

Each head on any model of the 570Z Series sprayers accepts all Toro spray nozzles, including 570 MPR Plus Fixed Nozzles, Toro Variable Arc Nozzles, Precision™ Nozzles, Bubbler Nozzles and Low Angle Nozzles.






WaterSense® Pressure Regulator


WaterSense® Pressure Regulator (570Z XF/PR/PRX Series)

Available for both 570Z (SPRAY) and 570S (SHRUB) models, Toro’s factory-installed WaterSense® pressure regulator eliminates water misting and fogging at the nozzle that can lead to rapid evaporation or water being blown away from the intended irrigation area. From the first to the last head, the in-stem pressure regulator provides a steady outlet pressure of 30 PSI and consistent spray head performance across the zone.




X-Flow® Shut-off Technology


X-Flow® Shut-off Technology

Depending on the mains or water supply source, often over 150 liters per minute can escape through a spray head that has a missing or damaged nozzle. This wasted water can lead to landscape erosion, property damage, or unsafe conditions due to wet hardscapes. X-Flow is factory installed in the riser and holds back over 99% of the water that would otherwise be wasted in cases where the nozzle has been compromised through unintentional accidents or vandalism. Furthermore, X-Flow Technology allows for spray head maintenance or component replacement without the need to turn off the system.






Toro 570-Z 4P XF Fixed Water Spray & X-Flow Shutoff Device




The Toro 570-Z 4P XF Fixed Water Spray with X-Flow Shutoff Device is particularly suitable for watering small and medium-sized lawns, integrated into an automatic or non irrigation system. It is placed underground, with its head at the same height as the ground surface. It is made of extremely high strength industrial plastic and has a stainless steel retraction spring. It includes a pre-installed flushing plug, for easy flushing and convenient retraction of the lifting mechanism, while it keeps debris away from stem during retraction, contributing to the reliable pop up operation. The Toro 570-Z 4P XF Fixed Water Spray with X-Flow Shutoff Device is extremely versatile, as it can be fitted with a variety of fixed or adjustable arc nozzles, and features a ratchet-type lifting mechanism that facilitates on-site adjustment of the nozzle arc. It has a body height of 10 cm, cap diameter of 5 cm, and a wetting radius depending on the chosen nozzle, which generally varies between 0.6 and 5.5 m.


Pop Ups 570-Z 2P Toro Fixed Water Sprays



Pop Up Toro 570-Z 4P XF Fixed Water Spray & X-Flow Shutoff Device


Technical Data


Toro Water Smart Logo


Type Fixed
Flow Rate 0.2 - 17 lt/m
Radius 0.6 - 5.5 m
Recommended Operating Pressure 1.4 - 3.5 bar (20 - 50 PSI)
Maximum Operating Pressure 5.2 bar (75 PSI)
Body Dimensions (HxD) 100 x 35 mm
Inlet ½” (13mm) - Female-Threaded
Pop-Up Height 10 cm
Warranty 5 Years
Brand TORO



TORO 570Z & 570S User Guide & Installation Instructions

TORO 570Z & 570S User Guide & Installation Instructions


Toro 570Z 4P XF and  the X-Flow® Shut-off Technology



TORO 570Z, 570Z XF, 570Z PR, 570Z PRX Series Sprinklers


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