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3M FFABEK1P3D Mask Half Face & Replaceable Filters 4279
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3M FFABEK1P3D Mask Half Face with Replaceable Filters 4279+




The 3M FFABEK1P3D Mask Half Face with Replaceable Filters of the 4000+ Series is a product of the leading company in the field of worker protection 3M. It covers half of the face, requires no maintenance and is ready to use. It features two large, built-in carbon filters that provide low breathing resistance and an embossed silicone-free sealing ring that is soft and hypoallergenic, providing a perfect fit on the face. Includes a resealable case for hygienic storage and transportation. Designed to fit comfortably, it offers effective protection for both the professional and amateur alike.


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The FFABEK1P3D Mask Half Face with Replaceable Filters 3M:

  • They are characterized by a light, balanced and even design

  • They are made of soft, non-allergenic material

  • They have a centrally placed exhalation valve for efficient heat and moisture removal

  • They have adjustable straps for easy and comfortable fixation on the head and neck

  • They feature a low profile design for better peripheral vision

  • They are made of a soft hypoallergenic material with an embossed sealing ring

  • They include built-in filters and are ready to use

  • Comes with resealable case to store after each use to extend filter life

  • Discarded when filters become saturated or clogged or after one month of use (whichever comes first)

  • They are suitable for construction work, metal processing, painting (including spray painting), agrochemicals

  • They protect up to 20 times the OEL for particulates and organic vapors boiling >65°C, inorganic & acid gases and ammonia, up to 10 times the Permissible Exposure Limit (OEL) or 1,000 ppm



3M FFABEK1P3D Mask Half Face with Replaceable Filters - In Action





Personal Protective Equipment
Category Respiratory Protection Masks
Type Multiple Use Respiratory Protection Masks
Material 1. Facemask: Thermoplastic elastomer, 2. Head harness: Polypropylene, 3. Head strap: Polyisoprene/cotton, 4. Inhalation valve: Polyisoprene, 5. Exhalation valve: Silicone rubber, 6. Gas and vapour filter body: Activated carbon, 7. Particulate filter element: Polypropylene
Certification - Standards EN 405:2001 + A1:2009 FFABEK1P3 R D
Application - Use 3M FFABEK1P3D Mask Half Face with Replaceable Filters are suitable for use by workers in boreholes, welding, glass and metal environment, and protect them from allergies, paint materials, oil paints, lacquers, polishes, resins and adhesives.
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